Walls are defensive structures helpful in repelling early Era offensive pushes -- in later tiers, maintaining walls is typically futile.



Players can place small creatures on the wall, units on the wall will receive only 25% damage. This is particularly effective with ranged units such as archers. Each wall segment can hold up to 6 small-sized entities. Thus one whole typical squad can fit onto one segment. It is possible to mount more squads, if they consists from lower number of entities, such as snapjaws which are just 4, or if squad has been damaged. In case of snapjaws, three squads can thus occupy just two wall segments.

Constructing WallsEdit

Walls can only be built in predefined locations on the map, and can be built in a forward or reverse direction. When built, a wall will be facing away from the side on which the build button was pressed. Walls cost varying amounts of Power.

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