Rodamn is just a regular wiki user like you, though with some extra admin rights. He just helped out a lot around here, and that is what happened.

Welcome to those just looking aroundEdit

To the left of each article are menus that can help you navigate BattleForge Wiki's highlighted content. Otherwise, just surf around, and feel free to leave comments on a discussion page (look for the Discussion tab at the top-right of each article). You could write something if you have suggestions or you like/don't like what you see. --rodamn

Welcome to new contributorsEdit

If you're new around here or new to editing wikis, welcome! I'm sure you want to learn more, so here are some good-to-know help articles:

Advanced stuff:

Important templates:

  • General
    • {{Clr}} (Beginner) Use this after an image or something that you don't want text to wrap around
    • {{!}} -- (Advanced) Very useful for embedding table code within a parser function
  • BattleForge-Specific

We're definitely looking for regular contributors, so please ask if you want to help out but don't know how.

Warning: Wiki-ing requires a lot of give and take. Sometimes you have to put your foot down, but you also have to know when to suck up your ego. Remember: we all have the same goal: to make this site more informative and to be the best source of BattleForge information.

Looking forward to getting to know and to work with you! --rodamn

My DecksEdit

Here are some of the decks I use in BattleForge:

Hall of ShameEdit

Here is a collection of things I've seen in BF that you may find amusing.

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