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Uncommon cards are the second-most common cards in the game and can be identified by their silver edition seal. Uncommon cards are obtained by purchasing boosters, each of which has two uncommon cards. In game, players can also trade for them or purchase them through Marketplace auctions.

It is a common mistake for many players to base the overall value of a card with its rarity. Though there are more uncommon cards than rare and ultra-rare in circulation, many of them, such as Frost Mage, Ensnaring Roots, and Scavenger, even maintain higher sale and trade values than some Rares and perhaps a few Ultra-rare cards. This is due to the fact that these cards play a core role in many decks, and are considered essential to decks of that theme.

Breakdown of Uncommon CardsEdit

Twilight EditionEdit

The initial release contains exactly sixty uncommon cards split evenly among the Factions, thus having fifteen uncommons for each. Of these fifteen cards, there are seven creature cards, distributed among all four Eras; four building cards, distributed among only the first three tiers; and four spell cards, one spell per era.


Fire Frost Nature Shadow
One-Orb Creatures

Scavenger Frost Sorceress Shaman Executor
Scavenger-0 Frost Sorceress-0 Shaman-0 Executor-0
Strikers Frost Mage Swiftclaw Nox Trooper
Strikers-0 Frost Mage-0 Swiftclaw-0 Nox Trooper-0
Two-Orb Creatures

Skyfire Drake Lyrish Knight Burrower Darkelf Assassins
Skyfire Drake-0 Lyrish Knight-0 Burrower-0 Darkelf Assassins-0
Enforcer White Rangers Energy Parasite Shadow Phoenix
Enforcer-0 White Rangers-0 Energy Parasite-0 Shadow Phoenix-0
Three-Orb Creatures

Vulcan Kobold Engineer Thornbark Unstable Demon
Vulcan-0 Kobold Engineer-0 Thornbark-0 Unstable Demon-0
Four-Orb Creatures

Boom Brothers Construct Grimvine Necrofury
Boom Brothers-0 Construct-0 Grimvine-0 Necrofury-0
Fire Dragon Winter Witch Spore Launcher Void Maw
Fire Dragon-0 Winter Witch-0 Spore Launcher-0 Void Maw-0


Fire Frost Nature Shadow
One-Orb Buildings

Makeshift Tower Construction Hut Fountain of Rebirth Phase Tower
Makeshift Tower-0 Construction Hut-0 Fountain of Rebirth-0 Phase Tower-0
Two-Orb Buildings

Termite Hill Kobold Laboratory Healing Well Portal Nexus
Termite Hill-0 Kobold Laboratory-0 Healing Well-0 Portal Nexus-0
Rallying Banner Juice Tank Living Tower Furnace of Flesh
Rallying Banner-0 Juice Tank-0 Living Tower-0 Furnace of Flesh-0
Two- and Three-Orb Buildings

Tower of Flames Armored Tower Healing Gardens Resource Booster
Tower of Flames-0 Armored Tower-0 Healing Gardens-0 Resource Booster-0


Fire Frost Nature Shadow
One-Orb Spells

Suppression Glyph of Frost Ensnaring Roots Life Weaving
Suppression-0 Glyph of Frost-0 Ensnaring Roots-0 Life Weaving-0
Two-Orb Spells

Wallbreaker Coldsnap Creeping Paralysis Corpse Explosion
Wallbreaker-0 Coldsnap-0 Creeping Paralysis-0 Corpse Explosion-0
Three-Orb Spells

Aura of Pain Retreating Circle Thunderstorm Blood Healing
Aura of Pain-0 Retreating Circle-0 Thunderstorm-0 Blood Healing-0
Four-Orb Spells

Bloodthirst Maelstrom Noxious Cloud Voidstorm
Bloodthirst-0 Maelstrom-0 Noxious Cloud-0 Voidstorm-0
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