Twilight Edition
Edition Overview
Edition Twilight (1st)
Release Date 03/24/2009 (US/NA)
Total Cards 200
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Twilight Edition is the first edition of BattleForge cards. The name, Twilight, is based both upon the PvE events of a new sun being cast into the heavens by the Giant King, as well as an eponymous threat, the Twilight, that is infecting the world.


Twilight edition of cards contains a total of two-hundred (200) unique cards, including fifty cards for each elemental faction: Fire, Frost, Nature, and Shadow. The set can also be broken down by card type into one-hundred (100) creature cards, forty-eight (48) buildings, and fifty-two (52) spells.

The Twilight introduces the four main elemental powers that determine the balance in the world of Nyn. Frost, Fire, Nature, and Shadow. Each of these powers has its own Special Abilities, strengths and weaknesses. And each power is represented by an orb color in the game.

Icon Fire


Fire is full of rage and unguided strength. Senselessly it sows destruction while at heart it seeks purpose. All fear its power, but also cherish life-giving warmth that keeps away the cold of the eternal abyss.

Icon Frost


One of the younger elemental powers Frost was created by the winds and the mists to stop the invasion of Ancients who came to turn the world into one sinister, endless city. It covered the Ancients' city and stone constructs in a deep layer of ice then slowly ground them to dust. Since then it has become the power of protection, a stalwart, frozen shield that slowly but steadily achieves its goals.

Icon Nature


Nature chose to be. When earth had created the trees to shield itself from the rage of the wind and the bite of the rain, they were dissatisfied with being mere soldiers in the war of the elements. The trees rebelled against their grey master and created the power of Nature, to live in balance between the other elements. They drank the rains, cherished the winds, the light of the fire, and dug into the soil. They created the sprawling green forests and covered the lands with plants and animals. Acknowledging the balance of life, Nature never seeks to overpower, but rather prefers to achieve its ends by controlling and calming that which may become a threat.

Icon Shadow


Shadow is the oldest of the powers. Formed from the blood of the very First Victim, it is the taint of sin that soaked a universe of light. Its stain forever reminds us of that original vile deed. Shadow's essence is pain and terror, but it also feels the urge to break free and to endure. Those bound to Shadow are ready to suffer endless pain and give their lives to achieve their ends. They live between death and life, bearing risk to gain power.

Note: Future editions will expand on the game and story by adding new cards and maps. For each edition, there are separate boosters. A Booster or Tome can therefore only contain these cards.

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