In BattleForge, Tokens are Player vs Player reward points that are used to claim Card Upgrades. Battle Tokens comprise the bulk of the requirements for upgrades, with a descending amount of Victory Tokens and Honour Tokens required. Victory and Honor tokens are awarded to the winner of a PvP match; Battle Tokens are awarded to all players. Honor tokens are in the main only required for cards' third and final upgrade, and are in the main not available from Single Player random scenarios.

PvP Reward Points Edit

Players are rewarded with tokens when they participate in a complete Ranked PvP match ONLY!
Playing on Sparring Grounds has NO rewards whatsoever, keep that in mind!

Battle Token

Battle Tokens Edit

Battle Tokens are granted to both the winner(s) and the loser(s) of a match. The quantity of Battle Tokens awarded depends on the duration of the match, with a maximum of six (6) in a single Collection Match or nine (9) in a Tome Match.

Victory Token

Victory Tokens Edit

Victory Tokens are granted only to the winner(s) of a match. The quantity awarded depends on the type of the match: one (1) Victory Token is awarded to each winner of a Collection Match, or two(2) are awarded for a Tome Match victory.

Honor Token

Honor Tokens Edit

Honour Tokens are earned in the same way as Victory Tokens through ranked PvP matches. Currently, Honour Tokens are only used for Level 3 Upgrades.

Random X Player PvE Scenarios Edit

Tokens are awarded based on the difficulty of the scenario. In random single player PvE, a difficulty of 4 is required to receive a single Victory token and six Battle tokens; lower difficulty scenarios offer only Battle tokens.

The tokens given for single and multiplayer maps are the same, but anecdotal evidence suggests that single player maps are more difficult.

Note: quote by Dilbert, “anecdotal evidence is worthless”

Here is a list which shows how many tokens and XP you get in random PvE, the maximum time allowed to complete each type of match (1P, 2P, or 4P), and an average time for single-player and 4-player maps for players of sufficient skill, as proposed by players including csLab on the Battleforge forums.

Reward tokens
Difficulty Battle tokens Victory tokens Honor tokens Experience Points Max duration 1P Max duration 2P Max duration 4P Avg. 1P Avg. 4P
1 2 0 0 50 15:00 15:00 14:00 ~3:00
2 3 0 0 100 17:00 16:00 15:00 ~4:30
3 4 0 0 150 18:00 16:00 15:00 ~6:45
4 6 1 0 250 22:00 19:00 18:00 ~9:30
5 10 2 1 400 24:00 20:00 18:00 ~13:00 ~13:00
6 15 3 2 500 27:00 22:00 19:00 ~16:00
7 20 4 3 600 30:00 24:00 20:00 ~19:00
8 30 6 4 800 34:00 26:00 20:00 ~22:00
9 40 7 5 1200 38:00 28:00 21:00 ~25:00
10 50 8 6 42:00 29:00 21:00 ~42:00

csLab later revised his times for difficulties 8, 9, and 10 to 17, 18, and 32 minutes respectively (but did not make a corresponding adjustment to lower diff. times). This may reflects a difficulty adjustment by the developers, or merely players getting better at mrPvE. The times listed here are a matter of opinion, and the times different players get on different occasions will vary as well as being a matter of skill, and will tend to become faster with practice

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