Artwork Twilight Abomination

[edit]Twilight Abomination

Attack: XL 5300 Defense: XL 5300
"Bellowing roars frighten his nearby enemies, making them unable to strike at him in melee." A fallen variant of the Collosus, this degenerate being is more than a match for any Tier Four XL creature. Do not try to take the Abomination in single combat with any unit, as its special ability, a powerful roar that blocks incoming melee attacks, combined with his high attack will quickly finish any XL melee creature foolish enough to venture close. Instead bring it low with combined range fire, ensnaring roots plus Giant Wyrms is a particularly effective tactic, as it brings heavy fire power to the field whilst rendering the abominations strengths useless.
Artwork Twilight Archers

[edit]Twilight Archers

Attack: S 450 Defense: S 450
Twilight human archers.

If no player units are present nearby the archer, they will gain increased damage.

Artwork Twilight Brute

[edit]Twilight Brute

Attack: L 800 Defense: M 800
Twilight ogre soldier. Can stun ennemies.
Artwork Twilight Bug

[edit]Twilight Bug

Defense: M
Twilight Beast Destroyer.
Artwork Twilight Claws

[edit]Twilight Claws

Attack: S 420 Defense: S 720
Twilight human soldiers. Enrage when health falls under 80%.
Artwork Twilight Crawler

[edit]Twilight Crawler

Attack: L 880 Defense: M 880
Twilight beast soldiers. Take only 50% damage from spells and ranged attacks.
Artwork Twilight Creep

[edit]Twilight Creep

Attack: L 650 Defense: M 600
Twilight beast archer. Deals 50% more damage to flying ennemies.
Artwork Twilight Dancer

[edit]Twilight Dancer

Defense: M
The dancer is an annoying twilight enemy. Whilst her low stamina would seemingly make her an easy foe, her powerful attacks and long range often defeats tower and wall based defences. her long range means that specific attention must be used to make sure of her demise.
Artwork Twilight Deathglider

[edit]Twilight Deathglider

Defense: L
Description goes here.
Artwork Twilight Devastator

[edit]Twilight Devastator

Attack: 1800 Defense: L 1700
Twilight beast destroyer. Deals 50% more damage to buildings.
Artwork Twilight Dragon

[edit]Twilight Dragon

Beast Dominator
Attack: L 5500 Defense: XL 7000
Twilight Beast Dominator. Is surrounded by an anti-magic field which prevents enemy's from using spells in its proximity. Is immune to CC.
Artwork Twilight Evil Eye

[edit]Twilight Evil Eye

Attack: 3500 Defense: XL 2700
Twilight demon dominator. Disintegrates his targets paralyzing them during the process. Can also disintegrate buildings. Shares damage done to him with nearby allied units.
Artwork Twilight Fighters

[edit]Twilight Fighters

Defense: S
Twilight Human Soldier. Basic twilight melee unit.
Artwork Twilight Hag

[edit]Twilight Hag

Attack: S 950 Defense: M 950
Twilight spirit dominator. Has a ranged knock-back attack.
Artwork Twilight Healer

[edit]Twilight Healer

Attack: M 400 Defense: M 560
Twilight ogre crusader. Can heal his allys by 160 health every five seconds.
Artwork Twilight Horror

[edit]Twilight Horror

Defense: L
Twilight beast dominator. Can paralyze an enemy unit
Artwork Twilight Hulk

[edit]Twilight Hulk

Attack: XL 5000 Defense: XL 4500
Twilight beast destroyer.
Artwork Twilight Leech

[edit]Twilight Leech

Defense: M
Twilight Beast Corruptor. Can steal energy from power wells
Artwork Twilight Minions

[edit]Twilight Minions

Attack: S 360 Defense: S 450
Twilight orc soldiers. Increase their damage the more allies are around them.
Artwork Twilight Negator

[edit]Twilight Negator

Defense: M
Twilight beast soldier. Can invoke a anti magic field
Artwork Twilight Pikemen

[edit]Twilight Pikemen

Defense: S
Twilight Human spearsmen. Twilight spear attacker.
Artwork Twilight Slaver

[edit]Twilight Slaver

Attack: M 750 Defense: M 730
Twilight ogre soldier. Casts an eruption after he dies.
Artwork Twilight Slayer

[edit]Twilight Slayer

Attack: 540 Defense: S 570
Twilight elf archers. Can shoot at two targets at the same time. Deal 50% less damage when ennemies are in its proximity.
Artwork Twilight Treefiend

[edit]Twilight Treefiend

Attack: M 1200 Defense: L 1700
Twilight forestkin dominator. Can root itself in the ground to fire deadly volleys of thorns. May connect with other Twilight Treefiends nearby thus dealing more damage.
Artwork Twilight Vileblood

[edit]Twilight Vileblood

Attack: L 2200 Defense: L 1900
Twilight demon soldier. Poisons the ground around him when he dies, causing serious damage to its enemies.
Artwork Twilight Whisperer

[edit]Twilight Whisperer

Attack: 750 Defense: M 1250
Twilight spirit crusader. Can blind his enemies and heal his allies.
Artwork Twilight Mindbreaker

[edit]Twilight Mindbreaker

Defense: S
Can take control of his enemies for short time.
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