Terrain Tool

With the Terrain Tool you can create nice height levels between for 1m until 10m. EA Phenomic uses mostly 5m cliff heights, at 3 stages. They uses 50m at tge ground zero height level and a maximum of three walking platforms 45m, 50m and 55m.

To create a cliff click at the New button.

An clifflayer will be created with autonaming. To rename it click at the Rename button.

You can also delete the Layer by using the Delete button.

With the Pick button you can choose a different cliff you already built in your map to choose the same settings.

The Reload textures button updates the visualization of the territory border decals. If you painted your territories or changed them, then push this button to see how the borders will look in the game.

Attach automatically - To create as fast as possible use the Attach automatically button choose two different heights for your left and right mouse button and a special setting below.

I used the "greenland_terrain_cliffs_01.xml" 45m for the lmb and 55m rmb and create an hill (rmb) and a whole (lmb) see picture, because my ground zero is 50 meters.

After that I create a new layer called "Frostland_Cliff_1" and uses the "frostland_terrain_cliffs_02.xml" setting to build another hill and whole, see picture.


Territory Tool Example

Attach manually - If you want to change small parts of your cliff, switch to the Attach manually and delete or replace the cliff texture by using the rmb or lmb in your map.

The Brushsettings are working like the default ones, explained earlier, but there is one difference.For more information, click here.

The difference to the common brushes is that in this tool the falloff isn’t used.


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