Team Setups and Player Kits are essential for a map. Without those the map won’t work and start.
If you create a new map the default team setup will be set, which will be the PVP (Player versus Player) 1vs1 Setup.

Team Setup

Team Setup & Player Kits

What is a Team?

A team is a group of players. You can put more then one player in a team so they work together to defeat the enemy.
You can access the Team Setup & Player Kits window via the
Map Settings menu.
On a new map, it will look like the picture to the left.

What is a Player?Edit

A player is the one who controls the squads, buildings and spells, it can be a human player or a computer player.

What is a Player Kit?Edit

A player kit is used for entities to activate or deactivate them at the
mapstart, and to transfer entities from one player to another.

You can access five predefined team setups, for PVE (Player versus Environment) 1P, PVE 2P, PVE 4P, PVP 1vs1 and PVP 2vs2.
If you click on one of those buttons the whole team setup and player kits will be created.
The old ones will be overwritten.
You can create new teams, new players, rename teams and delete team via these button. Select the team you wish and press the button for the action you want.
By clicking on the "Active" check box, you set if a player kit shall be activated at the mapstart or if it shall be deactivated until the script activates it.
You can create new player kit, rename and delete them. Simply select the playerkit and press the button for the action. You can decide to give one player more than the standard "Start Power", that is useful if you want to test without waiting to receive power during the game!

After setting up all the team and players, there is one more thing to take care of:


Aggro Table

The Aggro Table, which is used to define which team is friendly, neutral or an enemy to another team.
To change the aggro table double click into a relationship of two team and set the state you want for them.
Green is friendly, blue is neutral, red is enemy.

Confirm all your setting by pressing the "Save" button at the end.


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