Note: This is an example of 1 mission. If people respond/contact me and find this usefull, i will add the full table in Wiki. To give you an idea, the full table features 406 entries.

@ editors: if anyone can make a nicer layout, feel free to edit this.


Thats a good idea it is very useful I'm no good at layouts if you ask Powdinet nicely i think he will do something :)

Perhaps the loot table should be a separate article? --Aliyon

Good idea. I shall make one whe i have the time. also shall put a reference in the upgrades page. --Whoopy

Another thing you might want to do is break it up into sections for each PvE map so you that you can direct link from the Mission article. --Aliyon

  • All the links in the loot table are broken. Not sure what you did. Looks like a find replace error or something. And really the loot table needs to be a separate article broken up with sub-headings for each mission so that it can be direct linked from the mission articles. -Aliyon
    • Went ahead and moved the Loot Table to a separate article. Still needs a lot of work. Broken links, incomplete, etc... --Aliyon
      • Well. In my opinion it is a waste of time to try to fix it - current version is too confusing to simply find n' replace all wrong entries. There are 77 card upgrades in single player missions (according to loot table from forum) and i suggest to add them from beggining. Just to be clear - use this patter.

|width="200" valign="middle" align="center"| [[NAME|NAME LVL 12]]
|width="100" valign="middle" align="center"| [[Frost]] [[Nature]] [[Fire]] [[Shadow]]
|width="200" valign="middle" align="center"| [[MAP_NAME]]
|width="150" valign="middle" align="center"| [[Advanced]] [[Begginer]] [[Expert]]
|width="50" valign="middle" align="center"| 1

Just paste name, delete obsolete lvl number, delete obsolete type, paste map name, delete obsolete difficulty.

Yobilat 23:00, 20 March 2009 (UTC)

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