Summoning has two meanings in BattleForge:

Card summoning Edit

Summoning is the normal means of acquiring a force of creatures on the battlefield. Creature cards can only be played out next to a Power Well, Orb, or another ground creature (not flyers) that the player has summoned in the same way (with a creature card).

Main article: Dazed

The first two means will summon a creature as normal, but the latter means will summon a Dazed creature: at half hit points, unable to use its Special Abilities, until the Summoning Sickness wears off, and it is no longer Dazed.

Summoning ability Edit

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Summoning is also a Special Ability of cards used to summon creatures without using a card charge. Such summoned creatures will not support normal summoning next to them, but they can do other things that require a ground creature presence, such as claim Amii switches and use them to toggle Amii gates (and the Amii gates themselves can usually support normal summoning), go through teleporters, trigger scenario conversations and other ensuing scenario events.

No charges Edit

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In one respect, such summoned creatures are superior to normal creatures; they never run out of Card charges. This makes Summoner creatures and buildings useful in standoffs in Player vs Player (PvP) or extended fights to acquire the next orb in Player vs Environment (PvE) maps Example:

On any multiplayer map, summoned creatures also work well with the strategy to get one player to Tier 4 faster, by the other player foregoing his due Orbs, as often occurs on the Raven's End map

Power Lost and Bound Edit

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Such summoned creatures are superior to card-created creatures in another respect, which is that the power used to cast the summon ability is not tied up, or Bound, in the unit; 90% of the power cost is returned to Void Power immediately. It is of less consequence, but the remaining 10% of power is lost as soon as the ability is used, whereas the the 10% power loss for normal creatures only occurs when they are destroyed.

Sacrifice Edit

Main article: Sacrifice

The obvious combination to use with with ability-summoned creatures is Sacrifice cards. The advantage of not using charges is particularly strong here, and the disadvantage of losing power sooner is of no consequence, as it would occur when they were sacrificed in any case

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