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A spell's vital data is shown on its corresponding Card. A spell's effect instantly or after a short preparation time unleashes it's effect and the used power goes straight into Void Power.

Spell Classes[]

There are three spell classes as of the first edition of cards:

  • Spell - Spells require a friendly ground entity nearby.
  • Arcane - Arcane spells do not require a friendly ground entity nearby. However, many Arcane spells still require a friendly target in order to be cast.
  • Enchantment - Enchantments drastically change the game environment in some way. The only Enchantment in the Twilight Edition is Enlightenment. With the release of the Renegade Edition, several new enchantment class cards came out for each faction, such as Amii Ritual


To use a spell, the player must select an available spell card and have the Power required to cast that card. Cards are also limited by the charge value and cooldown. The remaining charges and cooldown are indicated in the lower corner of the card in the Deck Bar.

Spell Card Tables[]

The following tables list spell cards by orb-requirements. Further, within each table, cards are grouped by rarity.


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