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Referred to by some as the home of the Fire People, most just call it "... that blank, scary spot on the map".

Geography Edit

Southern Wastes

Little is known about this area, save that it's not a great place to spend a holiday. Vast fields of magma that lie beneath the surface have baked this realm into a harsh wasteland. Ragged red mountains and deep canyons scar a region in which landship sailors claim the wind signs of life's many hardships.

History Edit

It was here the infamous Red King seized his throne, gathering to his red banner the wild tribes and fashioning them into a formidable army which helped write him into Nyn's history books.

When the Red King betrayed the mortals by stealing payment meant for the giants' in exchange for a new sun, he first chose to flee homeward. He was, however, hunter by a relentless army of Stonekin and forced to push onward until his trail became lost in the endless wastes.

Scenarios tree Edit

  • Mo (1P)
    • Ocean (1P)
  • Slave Master (2P)
    • Convoy (2P)
  • Blight (4P)

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