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Rare cards are the second rarest variety of card in the game and are denoted by a gold edition seal. They are acquired by purchasing new boosters or via trading. Exactly one Rare or Ultra-Rare is found in every booster, and rares are found in five out of every six boosters.

Rare cards are generally rather situational. Some interesting combos can be pulled off with Rares, but in general Uncommon cards are more versatile.

Breakdown of Rare CardsEdit

Twilight EditionEdit

There are exactly sixty rares in the first edition where each Faction has fifteen rare cards. Further, for the fifteen cards of each faction, there are seven creature cards, distributed among all four Eras; four building cards, one for each era; and four spell cards, each belonging to an era.


Fire Frost Nature Shadow
One-Orb Creatures

Sunderer Ice Guardian Mana Wing Dreadcharger
Sunderer-0 Ice Guardian-0 Mana Wing-0 Dreadcharger-0
Two-Orb Creatures

Scythe Fiends Skyelf Templar Spikeroot Shadow Mage
Scythe Fiends-0 Skyelf Templar-0 Spikeroot-0 Shadow Mage-0
War Eagle
War Eagle-0
Three-Orb Creatures

Virtuoso Deepcoil Worm Ashbone Pyro
Virtuoso-0 Deepcoil Worm-0 Ashbone Pyro-0
Giant Slayer Timeless One Fathom Lord Cultist Master
Giant Slayer-0 Timeless One-0 Fathom Lord-0 Cultist Master-0
Juggernaut Skyelf Sage Razorleaf Fallen Skyelf
Juggernaut-0 Skyelf Sage-0 Razorleaf-0 Fallen Skyelf-0
Four-Orb Creatures

Fire Worm Skyelf Commander Colossus Overlord
Fire Worm-0 Skyelf Commander-0 Colossus-0 Overlord-0
Magma Fiend Battleship Grove Spirit Death Ray
Magma Fiend-0 Battleship-0 Grove Spirit-0 Death Ray-0


Fire Frost Nature Shadow
One-Orb Buildings

Mortar Tower Ice Shield Tower Mark of the Keeper Embalmer's Shrine
Mortar Tower-0 Ice Shield Tower-0 Mark of the Keeper-0 Embalmer's Shrine-0
Two-Orb Buildings

Rocket Tower Frost Crystal Shrine of Memory Shrine of Greed
Rocket Tower-0 Frost Crystal-0 Shrine of Memory-0 Shrine of Greed-0
Three-Orb Buildings

Shrine of War Shrine of Martyrs Wheel of Gifts Altar of Nihil
Shrine of War-0 Shrine of Martyrs-0 Wheel of Gifts-0 Altar of Nihil-0
Four-Orb Buildings

Comet Catcher Worldbreaker Gun Lifestream Altar of Chaos
Comet Catcher-0 Worldbreaker Gun-0 Lifestream-0 Altar of Chaos-0


Fire Frost Nature Shadow
One-Orb Spells

Mine Home Soil Hurricane Motivate
Mine-0 Home Soil-0 Hurricane-0 Motivate-0
Two-Orb Spells

Wildfire Area Ice Shield Parasite Aura of Corruption
Wildfire-0 Area Ice Shield-0 Parasite-0 Aura of Corruption-0
Three-Orb Spells

Inferno Ward of the North Revenge Soulshatter
Inferno-0 Ward of the North-0 Revenge-0 Soulshatter-0
Four-Orb Spells

Earthshaker Ice Tornado Mind Control Plague
Earthshaker-0 Ice Tornado-0 Mind Control-0 Plague-0
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