Hello battleforge players. My name is The Corruptor.

I host an alternative to PVP called PvPvE.

PvPvE(Player vs Player vs Enviroment) Is a game i host on battleforge to get away from the stress of pvp.

Its very simple, when the game starts allow me to get the appropiate orbs and i will set up objectives for you to complete like in PvE.

It might not sound like much but please try it out it is very fun.

If you know farrock battleforge from youtube he tried it and sayd "Not Bad".

I have a deck made for a tutorial i made specifically for players who try my PvPvE for the first time.

If you are on battleforge and want to try this out search for TheCorruptor on the player search and ill be happy to set up a game for you.

Every scenario comes in 4 difficulties |Standard|Advanced|Expert|Armageddon|

Armageddon difficulty is harder then expert and should only be played by"The best of the best" armageddon difficulty hasnt been tried yet but i hope it will be soon.

If you want to try armageddon mode feel free to contact me via battleforge whisper/mail and ill get back to you asap.

To make PvPvE better i need more cards of all types. Donations of gold and BFP to me via mail are greatly appreciated. Do not worry i am not a scammer i have never been and hope to never be. In PVE you get a reward of upgrades by completing it. For random you get tokens. i cannot give them however as its not allowed but i am able to give a reward.

By completing a scenario you will win some Gold that is all i can give,sorry :(

The amount of gold you get is determined by the difficulty.

25 Gold for standard 50 Gold for advanced 100 Gold for expert 200 Gold for armageddon.

  • Golden Missions are missions that give more gold when completed but they are harder then usual.

50 Gold for standard 100 Gold for advanced 200 Gold for expert 500 Gold for armagedon.

It is possible i may run out of gold and wont be able to give a reward right away but i promise you will recieve it. This is why donations of gold are gladly appreciated and bfp donations will help me to get more cards for it.

I send rewards via ingame mail.

Thank you :)

Scenario ListEdit

  • Here is a list of the PvPvE scenarios i have set up or are currently working on. This includes scenario descriptions and objectives.

  • NAME: |Tutorial|
  • DESCRIPTION: |In this scenario you will learn how PvPvE works and the rules.|
  • OBJECTIVES: |Learn how to play PvPvE and defeat the bandit chief.|
  • TIPS: |This scenario only plays on standard difficulty so it dousnt get any harder|

  • NAME: |The Attack|
  • DESCRIPTION: |In this scenario you have been brought by lyrish soldiers to wipe out a bandit commander and his liutenants attempting to build a base in this sector. You must stop them!|
  • OBJECTIVES: | Survive all bandit attacks|Defeat all 3 bandit liutenants|Defeat the bandit commander|
  • TIPS: |The liutenants and commander change with each difficulty|

  • NAME: |Tutorial Part II|
  • DESCRIPTION: |In this scenario you have to defend the fire chief and keep the ritual from being interrupted|
  • OBJECTIVES: | Defeat the bandit commander|The fire chief must survive|
  • TIPS: | Soulhunters and corsairs are extremly dangerous to the chief so they musnt attack him or he'll die!|

More missions coming soon.


Feel free to comment about PvPvE or my scenario ideas here.

Please nothing offencive or adult themed if you disobey you will get a warning. If you get 3 warnings you will not be allowed to post any comments here anymore!

Put comments on the talk page and be sure to include your BF name :)

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