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BattleForge Premium Cards (aka Promo cards) are special cards with unique card artwork and in-game texture graphics. Additionally, they are equivalent to a fully-upgraded card, including charge upgrades. In many ways, they are analogous to Magic: The Gathering foil cards.

Gallery of Premium CardsEdit

Lyrish Knight Juggernaut Razorleaf Harvester Construct Firedancer
Promo Lyrish Knight-0 Promo Juggernaut-0 Promo Razorleaf-0 Promo Harvester-0 Promo Construct-0 Promo Firedancer-0
Swamp Drake Ravenheart Rogan Kayle Viridya Mo Grinder
Promo Swamp Drake-0 Promo Ravenheart-0 Promo Rogan Kayle-0 Promo Viridya-0 Promo Mo-0 Promo Grinder-0

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