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Cards that were released before other cards from the same set. This is true of cards even after the set is released, even if the card were, eg, removed from the set; ie once a pre-release card, always a pre-release card


Renegade's Ravenheart is rare but also rarely used

EA / Phenomic have, since before Beta testing, released selected cards before the main release of any edition. The earliest, pre-Beta cards were powerful and desirable cards in their own right, and they have subsequently come to include, with few exceptions, the most valuable cards in the game. With the pre-release of Amii edition cards, EA / P have come to realize the potential of releasing tactically unique cards that offer an advantage in PvP. Most of these cards, such as Bandit Sorceress, are commons that nonetheless traded for a value which bore little relationship to their eventual value after release, simply because they gave a considerable edge in combat to their owners' decks.

  • Beta premium cards were generally cards of fair to great utility and rarity. However, Construct is not a strong card, and Razorleaf, along with most Linked Fire cards, was severely 'nerfed' in a patch.
  • Renegade pre-releases were cards of great rarity and little or limited use
  • Lost Souls pre-released, typically, uncommons of utility great enough to be considered for use in PvP
  • Amii pre-releases were typically commons of utility great enough to be considered for use in PvP
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