Power Flow Edit

Power flow is one of the most important things to understand while playing BattleForge. It is depicted on following picture: Power flow

Abbreviations Edit

  • GP - Gatherable Power, power you can gather from wells.
  • AP - Additional Power, power you gain from elsewhere. (Energy Parasite's ability, for instance)
  • UP - Usable Power, power you can use at a given moment.
  • BP - Bound Power, power that is "bound" in your creatures and buildings.
  • VP - Void Power, power in your void pool. It cannot be used until it flows back into the UP.
  • LP - Lost Power, power that is forever lost.

Lines Edit

  • A - Constant flow from Power Wells to your usable power. It's rate is 1 power per 2 seconds per each well.
  • B - Power gathered by additional means.
  • C - Playing a Unit or a Building and constructing an Orb or a Power Well binds power to it.
  • D - When unit dies or construction is destroyed, part of its power goes to your Void Pool.
  • E - Playing a Spell, using a Special Ability or repairing a Building transfers power directly *from UP to VP.
  • F - Constant flow from Void Power to your usable power, happening at a rate of VP divided by 50 per 2 seconds. With a max flow of 20.
  • G - Some power from E and D is lost. (See table below)

Percentages Edit

Action Amount transferred to VP Amount transferred to LP
Unit dies (D) 90% 10%
Building is destroyed (D) 90% 10%
Power Well is destroyed (D) 0% 100%
Orb is destroyed (D) 0% 100%
Spell card is played (E) 90% 10%
Activated ability is used (E) 90% 10%
Toggled ability is used (E) 100% 0%
Building is repaired (E) 100% 0%