PvP is an abbreviation of Player vs Player and is a commonly used term in MMORPGs.

In BattleForge, a PvP match is where players take their decks and face off against other players.

There are two main types of PvP:

  • Collection
  • Tome

Collection Matches use a player's standard deck and all the Upgrades they may have.

Tome Matches are matches in which both players use Tome Decks. The rewards for Tome Matches are larger than the rewards for Collection Matches.

Both versions of PvP come in two varieties, 1v1 and 2v2. Additionally, PvP can played in either Ranked Matches with an Automated Match-up system in the Dueling Grounds or they can be played in Unranked Matches in the Sparring Grounds. Ranked Matches will earn you Tokens, Unranked Matches will not. Additionally Ranked Matches are ranked using an ELO Rating System.


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