Monuments[edit | edit source]

Undeveloped Monument

In BattleForge matches, Monuments are vital locations for one of the game's two resources, Elemental Orbs. A Monument allows a player to develop one Elemental Orb. The other game resource is Power. The monument has 3000 hitpoints.

Orbs[edit | edit source]

First Monument without Orb

Orb Fire.png Orb Frost.png Orb Shadow.png Orb Nature.png

Orbs are your magical link to the Elements. Each Faction has a different Orb that can be summoned at Monuments. The number of Orbs you possess determines which Era of Cards you can play, and additionally some cards may require more than one Orb of a certain Element. You will always start with one Orb. The Element of this Orb is determined by the first card you play. As the game progresses you will acquire additional Orbs. Which Orb you summon is up to you. Once built, an Orb has a weak ranged attack that provides some additional defense.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Creating Orbs at Monuments[edit | edit source]

Orb Cost
1st Orb Free
2nd Orb 150
3rd Orb 250
4th Orb 300

Constructing an Orb first requires the player to either bring a Creature in proximity to a Monument location or have constructed a building nearby -- a developed Power Well thus fills this requirement. Constructing an Orb also has a power cost that increases in proportion to the number of Orbs in the player's control. The first Orb is free, the second costs 150 points, the third costs 250 points, and the fourth and further Monuments cost 300 points.

If you summon the wrong Orb, canceling it before it is complete will refund you the Power required to rebuild it.

Orbs have 3000 life points; they can be attacked like any other unit, and can be destroyed, which affects the cards which can be played from the owner's deck. A new Orb is instantly available to be built at that Monument location. Rebuilding an Orb cost 100 power, it need not be rebuilt at the same Monument. If a player controls no orbs, they have a short grace period in which to rebuild one, after which they lose the game.

Effect on Allied Units[edit | edit source]

Creating new Creatures near you own Orbs prevents the Creature from being Dazed. Also, allied units will regenerate while standing near the player's or allies' Monuments or Power Wells, same as any other building.

Strategy and Tips[edit | edit source]

Story/Campaigns[edit | edit source]

In PvE, computer opponents are typically not constrained by Power Wells and Monuments like the player. Thus, players cannot beat the computer with Monument control strategies. However, note that the computer units are set on Patrol paths that pass by Monuments, and Patrols are set to be sent there at crucial moments in the game.

Player versus Player[edit | edit source]

In PvP matches, Monuments are often the focal points of most battles. Since Monuments and Orbs in a player's control define which Era of cards are available to play, obtaining and defending Orbs is of great importance. Similarly, if a player can limit opponents to fewer Monuments and thus lower tiers of cards, he has a power advantage and thus a strong chance of winning.

Destroying opponents' orbs (and power wells) is not only effective in the above sense of limiting their capabilities, but also limiting their Power, as the Power that was tied up in the orb (or well) is not regained as it is for other losses.

Orb Switching[edit | edit source]

Destroy current orbs as necessary to build new ones for 100 power each. The Power tied up in destroyed orbs is utterly lost; none of it goes into the Void Pool). Switch again as needed.


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