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Mo the White Juggernaut

Title The White Juggernaut
Gender Male
Race Beast (juggernaut)
Faction Fire
Location Southern Wastes
For the PvE map of the same name, see Mo (Map).


Mo is an albino Juggernaut. Outcast from his fellow Juggernauts because of his colour and intelligence, Mo joined the armies of the Red King in order to sate his lust for destruction and plunder. There he met a fellow soldier, an orc named Twinaxe, and despite being vastly more intelligent than him, Mo befriended Twinaxe since he was loyal as well as enthusiastic in going with the White Juggernaut's plans.

Lately, Mo has been hunted by the nefarious pirate captain Blight, who was advised by his ogre shaman that the horn of the White Juggernaut would cure Blight's terminal condition brought on from consorting with storm and thunder for many years.

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