The BattleForge Marketplace window has four tabs that allow players to buy new items, search through active auctions for cards, manage their auctions, and see active auctions on their Watch List. The Marketplace window is only available in the Forge UI; it cannot be accessed while engaged in a match.

Marketplace Pages Edit

Store PageEdit

The Store allows players to buy new Booster packs and Tome sets from EA-Phenomic, register Scratch Card IDs, and purchase additional BattleForge Points.

Item Search PageEdit

Item Search allows players to enter search and filtering criteria for card auctions. In addition to searching by a text string, players may filter upon Color (Orb ), Rarity, Card Type, and Orb Level (Era). If an item search is successful, active auctions that match the criteria are displayed five per page. Only the first fifty auction results that match the query can be seen. Players can select an auction to bid on, to buyout, or to watch.

My Auctions PageEdit

My Auctions allows the player to create new auctions, to view their active auctions, and to cancel an active auction.

Auctions are always purchased and paid for with BattleForge points. However, creating a new auction cost Gold (not BattleForge points -- a common confusion point for new players) to create. The Gold cost is dependent on the rarity of the card and the auction duration:

Gold Cost According to Card Rarity and Auction Duration
Short Medium Long
Common 1 2 3
Uncommon 2 4 6
Rare 5 10 15
Ultra-Rare 20 40 60

Every player can have 41 auctions active at the same time.

Auction DurationsEdit

Listing Duration
Short 2 Hours
Medium 8 hours
Long 24 hours

The remaining time for auctions is listed as Long, Medium, or Short. A short auction has two or less hours remaining, a medium has eight hours or less remaining, while a long auction has twenty-four or less hours remaining. Unfortunately, the Marketplace does not report the precise time remaining for auctions.

Watch List PageEdit

Watch List contains a list of active auctions that the player has manually added or has previously bidded. The player can Bid, Buyout, or remove the auction from the list.

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