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Normal: The airship that is supplied to the player (it looks like, but does not attack like, a Spitfire) is quite capable, so use it when the numerous enemy anti-air buildings do not prohibit that. As with all units that can be created at a distance, its dropped archers do not support a ground presence for the purposes of creating new units, although they can as usual operate switches and claim Power Wells. The airship can circle around the flying bird enemies and take no damage while still attacking, due to its turret attack.[1] With Life Weaving and Unholy Power on it, it can defeat single Ravens on its own, even on Expert level.[1]

Building up forces before teleporting may well be worth the wait, as the player is teleporting blind into the center of large enemy forces.

The far end of the island that is the destination of the first teleport has a number of enemy Mine-like traps. Walking a unit (need not be Swift) around the area without stopping is sufficient to trigger these without taking damage.

There is comparatively very little resistance at the destination of the third and final teleport, mostly because of being at 4th Era.

There are more than four orbs available on this map, allowing for variations from ordinary strategies without destroying and rebuilding orbs

The Gravity Surge spell and the similar ability on the Frost Stormsinger can make it possible to attack flying enemies with melee units.

XL creatures are tall enough to be able to attack the Ravens, even if they have a melee attack.

Once the scene with Mo begins on the final island, the player need only kill the wave of Ravens that appears; there is no need to panic as they almost inevitably kill Orbs and Power Wells on their way to the final island.

Expert and Advanced: For the first battleship that comes from the south (on expert) just dodge it and let it go to the main encampment. Once you are T3 on the second island start using Enlightenment + Mind Control to take over the Raven Battleships to make the map a lot easier. Then you can use the battleships to clear out the other islands. Regrowth + two Raven Battleships (maybe one?) will clear the main island with Mo on it, but you should have a LOT of T4 anti air for defending the final wave. I would make sure you have about six Raven Battleships for the final battle with the ship invasion. Keep an eye on your monuments as well. Two Giant Wyrms per orb should defend them well.

An Ice Shield on the Lost Disruptor added with the Shield Building spell protects it sufficiently for it to take down single Ravens, solo, on Expert level.[1] The timing of the Ice Shield's replenishment works well with the Raven's slow attacks, where faster-attacking units might be able to inflict damage while the Ice Shield was down.

The Shatter Ice-like ability on the Stone Warrior will make much shorter work of the Ravens; it does full damage to single targets, despite what the text says, and can target these air units despite the Warrior itself being purely melee.

Rewards Edit

For completing this scenario, players are granted some PvE Experience Points, Gold, and Upgrades.

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Scenario Progression Edit

Completing this scenario unlocks the following scenarios:

Upgrade Faction Scenario Difficulty Edit Link
Gifted Aggressor I Stonekin Ocean Standard [edit]
Blessed Banditos I Bandit Ocean Standard [edit]
Infused Bandit Launcher I Bandit Ocean Standard [edit]
Tainted Blaster Cannon I Fire Ocean Standard [edit]
Infused Core Dredge I Frost Ocean Standard [edit]
Infused Envenom I Nature Ocean Standard [edit]
Blessed Gravity Surge I Stonekin Ocean Standard [edit]
Infused Gunner I Bandit Ocean Standard [edit]
Gifted Hatecaster I Twilight Ocean Standard [edit]
Tainted Matter Mastery I Stonekin Ocean Standard [edit]
Gifted Nomad I Fire Ocean Standard [edit]
Blessed Offering I Shadow Ocean Standard [edit]
Blessed Root Nexus I Nature Ocean Standard [edit]
Tainted Snapjaws I Shadow Ocean Standard [edit]
Gifted Spirit Hunters I Nature Ocean Standard [edit]
Infused Stone Hurler I Stonekin Ocean Standard [edit]
Blessed Stone Warrior I Stonekin Ocean Standard [edit]
Gifted Aggressor II Stonekin Ocean Advanced [edit]
Blessed Banditos II Bandit Ocean Advanced [edit]
Infused Bandit Launcher II Bandit Ocean Advanced [edit]
Tainted Blaster Cannon II Fire Ocean Advanced [edit]
Infused Core Dredge II Frost Ocean Advanced [edit]
Infused Envenom II Nature Ocean Advanced [edit]
Blessed Gravity Surge II Stonekin Ocean Advanced [edit]
Infused Gunner II Bandit Ocean Advanced [edit]
Tainted Matter Mastery II Stonekin Ocean Advanced [edit]
Gifted Nomad II Fire Ocean Advanced [edit]
Blessed Offering II Shadow Ocean Advanced [edit]
Ravenheart II Legendary Ocean Advanced [edit]
Blessed Root Nexus II Nature Ocean Advanced [edit]
Tainted Snapjaws II Shadow Ocean Advanced [edit]
Gifted Spirit Hunters II Nature Ocean Advanced [edit]
Infused Stone Hurler II Stonekin Ocean Advanced [edit]
Blessed Stone Warrior II Stonekin Ocean Advanced [edit]
Gifted Aggressor III Stonekin Ocean Expert [edit]
Blessed Banditos III Bandit Ocean Expert [edit]
Infused Bandit Launcher III Bandit Ocean Expert [edit]
Tainted Blaster Cannon III Fire Ocean Expert [edit]
Infused Core Dredge III Frost Ocean Expert [edit]
Infused Envenom III Nature Ocean Expert [edit]
Infused Gunner III Bandit Ocean Expert [edit]
Blessed Gravity Surge III Stonekin Ocean Expert [edit]
Tainted Matter Mastery III Stonekin Ocean Expert [edit]
Gifted Nomad III Fire Ocean Expert [edit]
Blessed Offering III Shadow Ocean Expert [edit]
Tainted Snapjaws III Shadow Ocean Expert [edit]
Blessed Root Nexus III Nature Ocean Expert [edit]
Gifted Spirit Hunters III Nature Ocean Expert [edit]
Infused Stone Hurler III Stonekin Ocean Expert [edit]
Blessed Stone Warrior III Stonekin Ocean Expert [edit]
Completed Scenario Difficulty Unlocked Scenario Difficulty Edit Link
Ocean Standard Oracle Standard [edit]
Ocean Standard Ocean Advanced [edit]
Ocean Standard Ocean Expert [edit]

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