The Convoy Scenario is a 2-player map available on standard, advanced and expert difficulties.

Scenario Overview
# Players 2
Difficulty Standard, Advanced, Expert
Convoy topdown 480

A horseshoe path through the mineral rich badlands terrain, surrounding the central path that the Raven Walker NPC allies must walk.

Objectives overview Edit

"Through the Stonekin army"

  • Support the walkers on their path to the Power Shrine until they have destroyed it
  • Search for the magic charges to fuel the Spell Devices
  • Control the Elemental Node Crystals to enable the spells in the Devices
  • Defeat the Stonekin Warlord


Deck RecommendationsEdit


TODO: Add Standard walkthrough


TODO: Advanced walkthrough Ok this is my way of doing advance..this guide is for 2nd position of convoy.Summon 4 Nomads (nature) and move north to get ur first powerwell , destroy the stone hurler first and the stonekin rift , 1 stonekin earthkeeper spawns so kill it.After getting ur first powerwell (do not get the monument first) move above the lowest node and u can find 3 power wells. make 1 power well and proceed to the 2 powerwells beside the fire node. destroy the 2 stone hurler and 1 of the stone hurler guarding the fire node. lets assume ur timing is correct and u have time to escape the first wave of the stonekin warrior(charges) Build ur first monu (with the 3 powerwell fully built first). Let the stonekin warriors move away from the node and begin to attack the base.Summon 5 enforcer and 5 rageclaws or more(rogan kayle is optional for more damage).The stonekin warriors should be back after u fully destroyed the base.After defeating the stonekin warriors, move forward and get those 2 wells.(u don't have have activate the node yet.Put 2 enforcer and 2 rage claws at the power wells for incase and send 4nomads , atleast 7 enforcers and rageclaws to the 3rd monu base.It should be easy to destroy. once u got ur 3rd monu, summon 2 magma hurlers at the 2 power wells and get the fire node, summoning 3 tower of flames. Summon 1 juggernaut and move with all ur small troops to the nature node. use stampede of juggernaut to destroy 1 stonekin rift, deepgorge , stone hurler and stone launcher. build 3 tower of flames after defeating the base.Remember to repair ur tower of flames constantly. now send ur juggernaut and those troops if u still have and get ur forth monu .At the same time sending 2 magma hurlers to the 3 power wells. After defeating the 4th monu base, send all ur small troops not including juggernaut to the 3 power wells and with the magma hurler, attack the frost node. u might want to summon a magma fiend or use the unity (nature) spell to prevent those magma hurlers from dying as many stonekin warriors will becoming out. once u got hold of the frost node, build 3 tower of flames. Remember to help those raven walkers by healing and freezing(when u got the healing node make sure u start healing the 5/6 raven walker if 2 player/ if 1 player i suggest healing the 3/4 raven walker). Assuming u destroyed the shrine, send in 6 fire dragon 2 fire worm 2 juggernaut 1 magma fiend or any good 4 orb units and defeat the stonekin warlord. use the spell device to help. u might also want to cast a fire sphere as u have excessive power. Once the stonekin is defeated and flee to the bottom, keep casting inferno as there isn't any cool down time and help mo to defeat.U won convoy Advance


TODO: Add Expert walkthrough


For completing this scenario, players are granted some PvE Experience Points, Gold, and four Upgrade Cards.

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Scenario Progression Edit

Completing this scenario unlocks the following scenarios:

Upgrade Faction Scenario Difficulty Edit Link
Blessed Amazon I Nature Convoy Standard [edit]
Gifted Corsair I Bandit Convoy Standard [edit]
Blessed Crystal Fiend I Stonekin Convoy Standard [edit]
Curse Orb I Legendary Convoy Standard [edit]
Blessed Deepgorge I Stonekin Convoy Standard [edit]
Tainted Disenchant I Fire Convoy Standard [edit]
Tainted Envenom I Nature Convoy Standard [edit]
Blessed Frontier Keep I Frost Convoy Standard [edit]
Tainted Infernal Machine I Fire Convoy Standard [edit]
Tainted Lightblade I Frost Convoy Standard [edit]
Tainted Lost Grigori I Lost Souls Convoy Standard [edit]
Blessed Lost Shade I Lost Souls Convoy Standard [edit]
Gifted Offering I Shadow Convoy Standard [edit]
Infused Rageflame I Stonekin Convoy Standard [edit]
Infused Twilight Creeper I Twilight Convoy Standard [edit]
Infused Twilight Curse I Twilight Convoy Standard [edit]
Tainted Windhunter I Bandit Convoy Standard [edit]
Blessed Amazon II Nature Convoy Advanced [edit]
Curse Orb II Legendary Convoy Advanced [edit]
Blessed Deepgorge II Stonekin Convoy Advanced [edit]
Tainted Disenchant II Fire Convoy Advanced [edit]
Gifted Gladiatrix II Fire Convoy Advanced [edit]
Tainted Lightblade II Frost Convoy Advanced [edit]
Infused Nox Carrier II Shadow Convoy Advanced [edit]
Infused Rageflame II Stonekin Convoy Advanced [edit]
Tainted Windhunter II Bandit Convoy Advanced [edit]
Blessed Amazon III Nature Convoy Expert [edit]
Curse Orb III Legendary Convoy Expert [edit]
Tainted Disenchant III Fire Convoy Expert [edit]
Infused Rageflame III Stonekin Convoy Expert [edit]
Tainted Windhunter III Bandit Convoy Expert [edit]
Completed Scenario Difficulty Unlocked Scenario Difficulty Edit Link
Convoy Standard Convoy Advanced [edit]
Convoy Advanced Convoy Expert [edit]

Both Map:Ascension and Map:Slave Master are required to open Map:Convoy. Convoy is not required to open the following map in the series, Map:Oracle. Completion of the standard difficulty of Convoy only unlocks Advanced and Expert difficulties of Convoy.

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