Linked Fire - Up to X entities connected to the root network support each other enabling more powerful attacks.

Description Edit

Linked Fire is a special ability of several nature units. It allows connected units to increase the attacking abilities of other units in the same network. Linked Fire comes in two versions: Increasing attack speed (IAS) and increasing number of projectiles per attack (INP). Creatures need to be rooted to use Linked Fire. The root network is shown as light green lines connecting your creatures or buildings. You can use your units or Root Nexuses as bridges between units to support distant units (for instance, summon Razorleafs near the four gates in Defending Hope and connect them with Living Towers in a H-shaped pattern). Attacking creatures and Root Nexuses don't support other units (Root Nexuses will provide a passive bonus, though). If more than one unit attacks simultaneously (like the four Razorleafs in the example above), power from supporting units will be split between them equally if possible and otherwise some creatures may get one supporter more or less. It doesn't matter what creature or building supports the root network - Living Tower and Razorleaf both increase the power of Spore Launcher by the same amount. This makes cheap units better supporters and strong units better attackers. Depending on the card's upgrade level, a creature may get 3/4/5/6 supporters in total.

Formulas Edit

Increasing attack speed (IAS) Edit

Unit attacks every [base attack delay in sec] / ( 1 + [number of supporting entities] ) seconds.

Example: Thornbark (base attack delay: 10 sec) with 4 supporting entities will attack every [10 / ( 1 + 4 ) =] 2 seconds.

Increasing number of projectiles (INP) Edit

Unit drops number of projectiles equal to [base number of projectiles] * ( 1 + [number of supporting entities] ).

Example: Razorleaf (base number of projectiles: 15) with 9 supporting entities will drop [15 * ( 1 + 9 ) =] 150 leaves per attack.

In both cases overall damage per second will be multiplied by 1 + number of supporting entities.

Cards List Edit

Cards, where Linked Fire increases attack speed:

Cards, where Linked Fire increases number of projectiles:

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