An example of kiting by using a unit with swift as bait and archers to harm the kited unit.

Kiting is a term popularized by MMORPG games and is a tactical move used by a player to keep enemies at a constant distance. While the enemy is kept at a distance, ranged attacks are used to kill the enemy.

Generally, kiting is used when an enemy unit begins attacking a unit that can outrun it. As the friendly unit runs, the enemy unit cannot attack it and so futilely chases the friendly unit. As the enemy unit chases the faster friendly unit,another unit's ranged attacks or a player's spells can kill the enemy unit with little to no damage to any of the units in play.

To ensure kiting works correctly, units with Swift are generally used as the bait, or a spell that causes units to slow down or halt like Ensnaring Roots should be used.

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