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Giant King Jorne

Title Giant King
Gender Male
Race Giant
Faction Earth

Jorne was the first of the giants and thus the first living being that walked the world. He was the one who destroyed the first trees when they rebelled. He was the giant who hurled the new sun into the sky.

As king of the giants Edit

Whilst he is not the most powerful giant, his rule has remained undisputed through the ages, as he is able to weave experience and wisdom together and see farther than his wrathful brethren. But though his wisdom might be great, his will to rule is as unmovable as the mountain. And though the mortals may squeal in their slavery, they will not touch his heart of stone.

Jorne is the oldest creature of this world. Created by the earth with gifts from all the other elements he is a giant of godlike powers. When he was young, Jorne strode the land, shaping it into beautiful mountains and vales. He remains King of the Giants and mortals still whisper his name in fear and awe. Jorne ruled the world for millennia before the rebellion drove him and his brethren beneath the earth. For long centuries there he pondered both his defeat and his cruel deeds. When the mortals then came to him, trembling and begging for help, he decided there might be a new chance for his kin. But Jorne was betrayed and now his fury knows no bounds.

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