For the original loot tables for each map, see Loot Table. For the revised list, see Loot Table/Unified. Loot Table can be edited directly. Loot Table/Unified is a compilation of map loot tables and new information must be added to individual map pages

Loot Edit

This loot system works to centralize and combine all the loot tables on the wiki for ease of use and reduction of data redundancy.

A query can be either a card or map name. The resulting table will display only upgrades for either that map or card.
Map names must be prefixed with "Map:" and card names must be prefixed with "Card:".
To create a table displaying only upgrades for the Introduction map:
To create a table displaying only upgrades for the card Eruption:

How it works
The loot tables are defined individually for each map. This template then trancludes all that data together and makes filtering it possible.

Defining a Loot Table
There are three helper templates used in defining the loot tables.
{{Loot start}} - Starts a loot table
{{Loot row|<query>|<card>|<upgrade>|<faction>|<map>|<difficulty>|<affinity - optional>}} - Defines a row in the table
{{Loot end}} - Ends a loot table

Example Loot Table
This is an example loot table for the Introduction map. The real table can be seen here: Map:Introduction/Loot.
{{Loot start}}
{{Loot row|{{{display|normal}}}|Eruption|I|Fire|Introduction|Standard}}
{{Loot row|{{{display|normal}}}|Master Archers|I|Frost|Introduction|Standard}}
{{Loot row|{{{display|normal}}}|Spearmen|I|Nature|Introduction|Standard}}
{{Loot row|{{{display|normal}}}|Nightguard|I|Shadow|Introduction|Standard|Gifted}}
{{Loot row|{{{display|normal}}}|Nightguard|I|Shadow|Introduction|Standard|Tainted}}
{{Loot end}}
The {{{display|normal}}} section is very important and must be present in each row. It used to pass the filter query down to the Loot row template.

Creating a new Loot Table
To create a new loot table use this create box.

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