There are several sub-races of elves scattered across Nyn.

Sky Elves
Artwork Skyelf Templar

A Skyelf

The Sky Elves were the first race of elves, being the mortal children of the winds, with delicate features and wings that allowed them to soar freely though the skies. During the Elemental Wars, they were enslaved by the sons of stone, the giants, and their wings ripped off. The giants quickly discovered that these elves could not survive being removed from the sight of the sky and sun, and were renamed the sun elves.

Sun Elves
Artwork Sunstriders

A Sun Elf

The sun elves are the descendents of the sky elves. Though they no longer have wings, they still cannot survive being out of sight of the sun and sky for too long. Over the centuries, they have shifted their affinity to fire, and are now commonly found among the other sons of Fire, such as the orcs.

Wood Elves
Artwork Windweavers

A Wood Elf

The wood elves were sun elves that fled towards the forests, eventually residing amongst the trees and learning the ways of nature.

Winterling Elves

Winterling elves were sun elves that settled in the northern mountains of Lyr. Adapting to the harsh conditions of their new homes, they gained an affinity to Frost and can be found in the armies of Lyr.

Dark Elves
Artwork Darkelf Assassins

A Dark Elf

Dark elves fled to the Shadowlands, a twisted wasteland where magical storms raged. Tainted by the shadow, they became fearsome warriors who cared not for life, neither theirs nor others.

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