In the Battleforge Levelditor you can move the camera around the map, turn the camera around a point and zoom in and out of the map.

There are two different camera modes which can be accessed by using the camera menu in the menu bar on top of the editor.
Camera Menu

Camera Menu

Editor Camera - This is the free camera in the editor, you can move
around the map, turn the camera and zoom in and out.
This is the default camera.

Ingame Camera - This is the ingame camera in the editor, you can move
around the map, turn the camera but zooming isn’t allowed.
The camera has the same distance to the ground like the ingame camera.
You should work a lot on your map in this camera view, so you can see what the player will see later in the game.

Both camera views are sharing the same controls, where you can change between the keyboard controls and the
mouse controls.
While the keyboard controls are working only with the keyboard keys, you have to hold down the Space-Key
if you want to use th mouse controls.
Camera Keyboard Controls Mouse Controls
Move the camera around Cursor-Keys left, right,
up and down
move mouse while
holding right mouse button
Turn the camera around a point Cursor-Keys INS, DEL,
move mouse while
holding left mouse button
Zoom camera in and out Cursor-Keys PAGEUP and PAGEDOWN move mouse while
holding middle mouse button, or use the mousewheel

If you have trouble working with those controls, feel free to configure the controls for the needs you have.
You can access the configure menu in the same menu where you choose the camera view.

► Menu Bar ► Camera

Camera config

Camera Configure

You can invert all of the movement direction, rotation and the zoom.
You can also customize the speed for every axis.
If you need a slow scrolling when you zoomed into the map, but you
want a faster scrolling too, then you can combine the two camera controls.

Use the mouse controls for the slow scrolling so you don’t lose the controls
when you are close to the ground, and use the keyboard controlls for the fast
scrolling so you can go really fast from one point in the map to another point.


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