The deck bar is a tool bar at the bottom of the screen that holds cards from the currently selected deck. In battle or in the Forge Sandbox, clicking on a card in the deck bar and clicking on the main view activates the card. If the card is a creature or building, it will summon a corresponding entity. If the card is a spell, the effect will occur at the spot clicked.

Deck Editing Edit

To modify a deck, the player must be in the Forge. Once a deck has been selected, the deck can be modified as such:

  • New cards can be dragged onto an empty slot from the Cards tab of the Inventory window.
  • Dragging a card from the Inventory over an existing card in the deck will replace the card.
  • Dragging a card from the deck bar over another card in the deck bar will swap card places.
  • A card can be inserted into the deck by dragging the card between two cards, causing all cards to shift to the right.
  • Finally, to remove a card from the deck bar, simply right click it.

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