Summoning sickness

A Sunstriders unit has been summoned away from monuments or power wells, and thus temporarily has halved life and it's abilities are disabled.

Units that are summoned away from one of your Orbs, or Power Wells will be Dazed. The effects of this state make the unit temporarily drop to 50% health, does only 50% damage, and its special ability becomes disabled for the duration of the sickness. The time left till the sickness wears off is displayed on the card image, when you select it, and by hovering your mouse over the sickness icon, it will show a display of how many seconds it will take for the sickness to wear off. Once the sickness wears off, the special abilities will function properly again, and the unit will gain 50% of their max health.

Rallying CardsEdit

Some unit's/building's special abilities will temporarily allow a unit to be summoned within a certain radius without being affected by the sickness. This Ability is called Rally

Wrecker Rallying Banner
Wrecker-0 Rallying Banner-0
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