A BattleForge Juggernaut unit.

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A BattleForge unit is a combat troop entity that players employ in combat and in achieving objectives for a match. Players typically assemble a number of like and unlike units to form stronger squads and to amass large armies.

Unit Cards Edit

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A unit's vital statistics are shown in its corresponding BattleForge card. When individually selected, a unit's current health can be seen underneath its portrait along with its attack power and above the unit's head if health bars are enabled in options.

Abilities Edit

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Grouped Units Edit

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A unit may also be a team of four or six combat members. On the card, the number of members summoned in a grouped unit is indicated next to the charge value by x4 or x6. For example, the Imperials card shows 5x6, meaning that each summoning creates a grouped unit of six men, but the grouped unit can be summoned five times for a total of 30 men. The first number is known as the number of Charges the card has (Card#Card Charges)

Grouped units are always selected and treated as a single unit; they cannot be divided or merged with other units summoned from the same card. Further, the damage and life statistics are shown for a full group of men, each member does a fraction of the displayed damage and only has a portion of the indicated life. If individual members' life falls below zero, they die and will permanently reduce the member count of the group. The player may revive dead squad members through use of a Shaman or a healing spell. Squad members can not be revived by placing the group next to friendly structures.

Tip: Avoid letting members of grouped units die, if possible. It helps to micro-manage your units early on, allowing damage to be spread amongst multiple unit groups, and sending weak ones back for healing. If you do have a group that's handicapped because of dead members, you can destroy them to return their power cost to the void and thus to your power pool eventually, and allow you to re-summon full-health unit groups. However, players with a Wheel of Gifts structure card upgraded to level one can use the newly attained "Gift of Juvenescence" ability to revive dead squad mates.

Unit LimitEdit

The unit limit is 120. Unit count value is dependent on size
S-6 (no matter how many members are alive its always 6)
Buildings are not affected by the limit

Gameplay Edit

To create a unit, the player must select an available unit card and have the power required to cast that card. Cards are also limited by the charge value. The remaining charges is indicated in the lower corner of the card in the deck bar. After a unit has been created, if summoned away from a monument or Power Well, it will temporarily have Summoning Sickness

Creature Card TablesEdit

The following tables list creatures by orb-requirements. Further, within each table, creatures are grouped by rarity.

One-Orb CreaturesEdit

Fire Frost Nature Shadow

Thugs Northguards Werebeasts Skeleton Warriors
Thugs-0 Northguards-0 Werebeasts-0 Skeleton Warriors-0
Wrecker Imperials Spearmen Wrathblades
Wrecker-0 Imperials-0 Spearmen-0 Wrathblades-0
Sunstriders Master Archers Windweavers Forsaken
Sunstriders-0 Master Archers-0 Windweavers-0 Forsaken-0

Scavenger Frost Sorceress Swiftclaw Executor
Scavenger-0 Frost Sorceress-0 Swiftclaw-0 Executor-0
Strikers Frost Mage Shaman Nox Trooper
Strikers-0 Frost Mage-0 Shaman-0 Nox Trooper-0

Sunderer Ice Guardian Mana Wing Dreadcharger
Sunderer-0 Ice Guardian-0 Mana Wing-0 Dreadcharger-0

Two-Orb CreaturesEdit

Fire Frost Nature Shadow

Rageclaws Phalanx Ghostspears Ripper
Rageclaws-0 Phalanx-0 Ghostspears-0 Ripper-0
Fire Stalker Defenders Mauler Nightcrawler
Fire Stalker-0 Defenders-0 Mauler-0 Nightcrawler-0

Enforcer Lyrish Knight Burrower Darkelf Assassins
Enforcer-0 Lyrish Knight-0 Burrower-0 Darkelf Assassins-0
Skyfire Drake White Rangers Energy Parasite Shadow Phoenix
Skyfire Drake-0 White Rangers-0 Energy Parasite-0 Shadow Phoenix-0

Scythe Fiends Skyelf Templar Spikeroot Shadow Mage
Scythe Fiends-0 Skyelf Templar-0 Spikeroot-0 Shadow Mage-0
War Eagle
War Eagle-0

Firedancer Mountaineer Parasite Swarm Harvester
Firedancer-0 Mountaineer-0 Parasite Swarm-0 Harvester-0

Three-Orb CreaturesEdit

Fire Frost Nature Shadow

Magma Hurler Silverwind Lancers Drones Shadow Insect
Magma Hurler-0 Silverwind Lancers-0 Drones-0 Shadow Insect-0
Magma Spore Tremor Swamp Drake Mutating Frenzy
Magma Spore-0 Tremor-0 Swamp Drake-0 Mutating Frenzy-0

Vulcan Kobold Engineer Thornbark Unstable Demon
Vulcan-0 Kobold Engineer-0 Thornbark-0 Unstable Demon-0

Virtuoso Timeless One Fathom Lord Ashbone Pyro
Virtuoso-0 Timeless One-0 Fathom Lord-0 Ashbone Pyro-0
Giant Slayer Skyelf Sage Deepcoil Worm Cultist Master
Giant Slayer-0 Skyelf Sage-0 Deepcoil Worm-0 Cultist Master-0
Juggernaut Razorleaf Fallen Skyelf
Juggernaut-0 Razorleaf-0 Fallen Skyelf-0

Spitfire Avatar of Frost Timeshifter Spirit Wrathgazer
Spitfire-0 Avatar of Frost-0 Timeshifter Spirit-0 Wrathgazer-0

Four-Orb CreaturesEdit

Fire Frost Nature Shadow

Emberstrike Tempest Giant Wyrm Rifle Cultists
Emberstrike-0 Tempest-0 Giant Wyrm-0 Rifle Cultists-0

Boom Brothers Construct Grimvine Necrofury
Boom Brothers-0 Construct-0 Grimvine-0 Necrofury-0
Fire Dragon Winter Witch Spore Launcher Void Maw
Fire Dragon-0 Winter Witch-0 Spore Launcher-0 Void Maw-0

Fire Worm Skyelf Commander Grove Spirit Overlord
Fire Worm-0 Skyelf Commander-0 Grove Spirit-0 Overlord-0
Magma Fiend Battleship Colossus Death Ray
Magma Fiend-0 Battleship-0 Colossus-0 Death Ray-0

Moloch Dreadnought Primeval Watcher Shadow Worm
Moloch-0 Dreadnought-0 Primeval Watcher-0 Shadow Worm-0
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