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In BattleForge, common cards are by far the most common variety of card in the game. Approximately five out of every eight cards is a common card, as five cards in each Booster pack is a common. A bronze-colored edition seal in the lower right corner identifies common cards.

Though common cards are easily obtained (and thus, not highly coveted), common cards are still highly useful cards to any deck, second only to Uncommons, overall. Most of the staple cards that define each Faction are Commons.

Breakdown of Common CardsEdit

Twilight EditionEdit

For the first card edition, Twilight Edition, there are exactly sixty cards, fifteen for each faction, Fire, Frost, Nature, and Shadow. Of the fifteen cards for each faction, there eight Creatures, three Buildings, and four Spells.


Fire Frost Nature Shadow
One-Orb Creatures

Thugs Northguards Spearmen Skeleton Warriors
Thugs-0 Northguards-0 Spearmen-0 Skeleton Warriors-0
Sunstriders Master Archers Windweavers Forsaken
Sunstriders-0 Master Archers-0 Windweavers-0 Forsaken-0
Wrecker Imperials Werebeasts Wrathblades
Wrecker-0 Imperials-0 Werebeasts-0 Wrathblades-0
Two-Orb Creatures

Rageclaws Phalanx Ghostspears Ripper
Rageclaws-0 Phalanx-0 Ghostspears-0 Ripper-0
Fire Stalker Defenders Mauler Nightcrawler
Fire Stalker-0 Defenders-0 Mauler-0 Nightcrawler-0
Three-Orb Creatures

Magma Spore Silverwind Lancers Drones Shadow Insect
Magma Spore-0 Silverwind Lancers-0 Drones-0 Shadow Insect-0
Magma Hurler Tremor Swamp Drake Mutating Frenzy
Magma Hurler-0 Tremor-0 Swamp Drake-0 Mutating Frenzy-0
Four-Orb Creatures

Emberstrike Tempest Giant Wyrm Rifle Cultists
Emberstrike-0 Tempest-0 Giant Wyrm-0 Rifle Cultists-0


Fire Frost Nature Shadow
One-Orb Buildings

Banner of Glory Ice Barrier Tunnel Decomposer
Banner of Glory-0 Ice Barrier-0 Tunnel-0 Decomposer-0
Fire Bomb Defense Tower Primal Defender Lifestealer
Fire Bomb-0 Defense Tower-0 Primal Defender-0 Lifestealer-0
Two-Orb Buildings

Morklay Trap Cannon Tower Breeding Grounds Stone of Torment
Morklay Trap-0 Cannon Tower-0 Breeding Grounds-0 Stone of Torment-0


Fire Frost Nature Shadow
One-Orb Spells

Eruption Glacier Shell Surge of Light Nasty Surprise
Eruption-0 Glacier Shell-0 Surge of Light-0 Nasty Surprise-0
Two- and Three-Orb Spells

Ravage Kobold Trick Curse of Oink Unholy Power
Ravage-0 Kobold Trick-0 Curse of Oink-0 Unholy Power-0
Lava Field Shield Building Ray of Light Undead Army
Lava Field-0 Shield Building-0 Ray of Light-0 Undead Army-0
Four-Orb Spells

Fire Sphere Shatter Ice Regrowth Unholy Hero
Fire Sphere-0 Shatter Ice-0 Regrowth-0 Unholy Hero-0
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