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Each card is a assigned a rarity based on how often they drop in Boosters.

The strength of a card is not generally related to Rarity. Most of the best cards are Uncommon, and many Commons are deck staples. Rares are usually only useful under special conditions. Ultra-Rares are generally just interesting or fun, but not usually worth the power. Ultra-Rares tend to be most useful in PvE.

There are currently 200 unique cards in total, with the following breakdown:

Rarity Count Count in 1 Booster Approximate Odds to Find a Specific Card of This Rarity in 1 Booster
Rare605-in-6 Boosters1:72
Ultra-Rare201-in-6 Boosters1:120

One in six booster packs contains an ultra-rare instead of rare.

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