This subcategory lists Creatures with the ability to fly. Flying creatures generally don't have a lot of life (hit points), and are thus susceptible to area-effect attacks and spells, but make up for their weakness with the best mobility, immunity from most ground melee attacks, and strong air-to-ground and air-to-air attacks. Another disadvantage would be spawning creatures and some spells, as all creatures and some spells need a friendly ground unit nearby to be spawned / activated. They can, however, fly above many parts of the map where ground unit cannot go (flying over some walls and water).

Flying creatures use altitude to their advantage, staying well above the battlefield and out of the reach of many ground creatures. However, creatures and towers with ranged and anti-air attacks are threats to flying creatures, as are many extra-large sized melee creatures. The latter are typically giant-sized creatures who have the reach needed to attack fliers. A notable exception are extra-large siege creatures that can only hit ground targets, such as Construct, Necrofury, Spore Launcher, and Moloch. These creatures have attacks that are confined to ground targets only and thus cannot defend themselves against air units.

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