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Archer squads use bow, crossbow, rifle, flung or hurled attacks to attack enemies from outside of melee range. Each faction has at least one archer unit at the first era that is a squad of small-sized creatures. They are versatile combat units, doing significant damage when their numbers are gathered, but are easily vanquished by melee units because of their low health.


Starter Cards - Archers - Fully Upgraded



  • Defending - Place atop walls to defend against lower tier attacks. While upon walls, units are safe from melee attacks.
  • Anti-Air


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Comparison of Archer UnitsEdit

Unit Name Faction Power Cost Orbs Charges Attack 1.5x Dmg vs Life Size Special Abilities
Sunstriders Fire 50 1: F 5x6 450 M 360 S Suppress buildings 10s
Forsaken Shadow 50 1: P 5x6 420 M 450 S Frenzy x2 dmg 20s, then die
Commandos Sh/Fire 80 2:FP 5x6 660 M 582 S Concentrate immobile, +50% lifestealer, no knockback
Nox Trooper Shadow 50 1: P 4x1 450 M 450 M Overload 5s, 300 dmg + knockback
Master Archers Frost 50 1: B 5x6 300 S 600 S
Windweavers Nature 70 1: G 5x6 480 - 420 S Multishot two targets at once
Darkelf Assassins Shadow 50 2: P* 4x6 570 S 450 S Trance Immobile, 1.3x dmg 10s; immobile 20s
Defenders Frost 70 2: B* 5x6 540 L 630 S Stand immobile take -x0.4 dmg, no knockback
White Rangers Frost 80 2: BB 5x6 528 M 780 S Defense 9 dmg in 4m/15 max
Aggressor Nat/Fst 150 2: GB 3x1 700 L 1075 L Freeze or Regen on death, knockback, take -15% dmg
Magma Hurler Fire 100 3: R** 3x1 1700 L 975 L
Vulcan Fire 120 3: RR* 2x1 2400 M 950 L Conflagarate - cone 210 dmg/s x 20s
Rifle Cultists Shadow 50 4: P*** 5x6 960 L 810 S Grenade 2400 dmg in 20m/3600 max dmg
Tempest Frost 90 4: B*** 3x1 1720 M 1850 L Frozen immobile, 2x/s: 34 dmg in 5m/52 max

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