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<!-- Breeding Grounds is a 2nd era Nature building that allows the summoning of creatures for less power than usual. This can be useful to summon big armies for less power, and is, in PVE, specially good by comboing with the summoning of vast armies, or with Juice Tank or Rallying Banner. An example of how it works: You have a Breeding Grounds and want to summon a creature that costs 100 power. When you have 100 power, you summon it within the ability range and instead of using 100 power you will only use up 85, or less depending on the level of your Breeding Grounds. Meaning that at level 3, the Grounds will pay for itself once you have summoned the equivelant of 280 power in creatures. This value is about 460 for level 0, however, you can destroy the Grounds after using it to regain 60 power. As a side effect of its use, you can sacrifice big power costing creatures and replay them as an alternative power source. Specially useful with 300+ costing creatures and with level 3 Breeding Grounds (an effect similar to massing Construct Huts and sacrificing buildings like Worldbreaker Gun or Comet Catcher). Special note: Unlike Construction Hut, massing Breeding Grounds close to eachother will not make creatures cost even less.===

Xientie [ reply ] 14:08, April 1, 2010 (UTC)

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