Spore Launcher
Spore Launcher-0
Basic Specifications
Type Creature
Faction Nature
Edition Twilight (1st)
Rarity Uncommon
Additional Info
Odds per Booster 1:30
Rarity-Desirability Value 04 RankBadge PvP Lvl05



Spore Launcher is a fourth era Nature creature. When coupled with Unholy Power and CC in a Shadow/Nature/Nature deck this creature can be quite a distraction for your opponents and its able to deal a decent amount of damage to buildings. On U3 Spore Launcher has 8300 HP which makes it a beefy tank, second only to Moloch (Fire's Era Four Ultra-Rare Siege Unit). When situation calls, Nasty Surprise the Spore Launcher to deal a maximum of 10,000 damage to opponents. This damage output requires a minimum of 5,000 HP (due to the fact that Nasty Surprise's DPS is capped at 10,000).


AbilityIcon Toggled Root

Enable to become immobile and gain Explosive Spores, Linked Fire, and Siege.

AbilityIcon AutoCast Explosive Spores

Every 4 seconds, unit fires off a giant spore that deals 140 damage to enemies in a 10m radius around its target, up to 210 in total. Has a long range of 50m. Knocks back small and medium units. Affects ground targets only.

AbilityIcon Passive Linked Fire

Up to 3 entities connected to the root network support each other enabling more powerful attacks.

AbilityIcon Passive Siege

Deals 50% more damage against structures.


Artwork Spore Launcher


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Upgrade Faction Scenario Difficulty Edit Link
Spore Launcher I Nature The Treasure Fleet Standard [edit]
Spore Launcher II Nature King of the Giants Advanced [edit]
Spore Launcher III Nature King of the Giants Expert [edit]
Card Upgrade Type or Ability Effect
Spore Launcher I Lifepoints +360
Spore Launcher I Linked Fire +1 units may support the root network
Spore Launcher II Lifepoints +690
Spore Launcher II Linked Fire +1 units may support the root network
Spore Launcher III Lifepoints +750
Spore Launcher III Linked Fire +1 units may support the root network
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