Primeval Watcher
Primeval Watcher-0
Basic Specifications
Type Creature
Faction Nature
Edition Twilight (1st)
Rarity Ultra-Rare
Additional Info
Odds per Booster 1:120
Rarity-Desirability Value 12 RankBadge PvP Lvl13



Primeval Watcher is a fourth era Nature creature. Its primary attack is a ranged attack that affects multiple targets. This attack does the most damage to the first creature affected and does less each "jump" to a new target. This unit is excellent when paired with the Fathom Lord as these units can paralyze a large amount of units so as to give you a slight combat advantage. You can also use the Razorleaf, the Watcher paralyses a group so that the combined attacks of Razorleaf and Watcher can decimate the Paralyzed enemy/enemies.


AbilityIcon AutoCast Gaze of the Watcher

Every 3 seconds, unit casts an energy ray that jumps from one enemy to the next. Deals 500 damage to the first target while the following targets will receive continuously less damage.

AbilityIcon Activatable Stasis Field

Power: 0
Activate to paralyze up to 5 enemies within a 25m radius for 10 seconds. After the effect wears off, targets are immune against Paralyze for a while. Reusable every 30 seconds.


Artwork Primeval Watcher



Solo Guard

Counter ForEdit

Groups of melee units

Fast units

Countered ByEdit

Pairs of high health 4orb units



-Fathom Lord



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Upgrade Faction Scenario Difficulty Edit Link
Primeval Watcher I Nature Ascension Standard [edit]
Primeval Watcher II Nature Ascension Advanced [edit]
Primeval Watcher III Nature Ascension Expert [edit]
Card Upgrade Type or Ability Effect
Primeval Watcher I Lifepoints +200
Primeval Watcher I Stasis Field +2 seconds duration
Primeval Watcher II Lifepoints +380
Primeval Watcher II Stasis Field +3 seconds duration
Primeval Watcher III Lifepoints +420
Primeval Watcher III Stasis Field +2 paralyzed targets

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