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Basic Specifications
Type Creature
Faction Fire
Edition Twilight (1st)
Rarity Rare
Additional Info
Odds per Booster 1:72
Rarity-Desirability Value 15 RankBadge PvP Lvl16



Juggernaut is a third era Fire creature that is desired for its dominance of third era. It has the most lifepoints for creatures of this era and is second in non-upgraded damage only to Spitfire, yet Juggernaut I and II upgrades steal that title as well. Because it is an extra-large creature, it has the ability to knockback small and medium units by walking through and over them, knocking them back and doing 10 points of trample damage.

Stampede MechanicsEdit

Its Stampede ability is also a highlight, with a non-upgraded damage potential of 3875. While the description indicates that it does "170 damage to enemies along the way," this damage is applied to each individual squad member of a unit. For creatures featuring a single unit, this damage is only 170, but squads of small "x6" or medium "x4" creatures, this damage -- assuming all creatures in the squad are stampeded -- multiplies to a total of 1020 and 680, respectively. Additionally, trample damage of 10 per individual is applied to small- and medium-sized creatures -- up to 60 and 40 damage, respectively -- thus resulting in a total of 1080 and 720 for x6 and x4 squads.

Though reaching Stampede's full damage potential of 3875 seems like a long shot (23 individual creatures need to be trampled), facing four "x6" squads will do it, but finding them bunched up in a line like this seems unlikely. Regardless, for 100 power it instantly kills nearly any of the small "x6" squads with the exceptions of Phalanx and Defenders that have their Stand Ground ability enabled.

The real potential of Stampede lies in its ability to utterly annihilate structures of any kind. Power Wells, and Orbs in particular.

Payback vs StampedeEdit

Finally, be wary of stampeding (and trampling, in general) Phalanx in Defensive Formation or creatures with Payback, as doing so will shorten your Juggernaut's lifetime; running over one Phalanx squad with Payback enabled causes 1380 (1500 and 1620, upgraded) to your creature. Running over two or three of these at a time is an easy way to lose a Juggernaut.


AbilityIcon Activatable Stampede

Power: 100
Activate to rush towards the target dealing 170 damage to enemies along the way, up to 3875 in total. Reusable every 30 seconds.


  • The character, Mo is a special breed of White Juggernaut, and is particularly intelligent. He is featured in the Map, Mo (Map) and is the protagonist of the Renegade storyline.
  • A Premium version of the Juggernaut was given out as a pre-order bonus.


With an admirable sense of purpose, the monster crashed through row after row of buildings like a cleaver through meat. Dust and debris exploded in every direction, and pieces of roof, archways, windows, doors and occasionally a startled resident pirouetted into the mild afternoon sky. Still clenched in the Juggernaut's fist, Twinaxe at first emitted a curious high-pitched terrified wheeze. But as he realized he was not actually about to die, his wheeze became a hysterical giggle and he settled back to enjoy this unexpected and unconventional journey through the thing that humans called - civilization.

"Mo and Twinaxe" - The Green Piper



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Upgrade Faction Scenario Difficulty Edit Link
Juggernaut II Fire The Dwarven Riddle Advanced [edit]
Juggernaut III Fire The Dwarven Riddle Expert [edit]
Juggernaut I Fire Titans Standard [edit]
Card Upgrade Type or Ability Effect
Juggernaut I Damage +200
Juggernaut I Stampede +10 damage per target, 350 in total
Juggernaut II Damage +400
Juggernaut II Stampede +20 damage per target, 900 in total
Juggernaut III Damage +395
Juggernaut III Stampede +20 damage per target, 900 in total


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