Tainted Grinder-0
Infused Grinder-0
Basic Specifications
Type Creature
Faction Nature/Frost
Edition Renegade (2nd)
Rarity Rare
Additional Info
Odds per Booster 1:72
Rarity-Desirability Value 09 RankBadge PvP Lvl10



The Grinder is a force of nature and one of the first sons of the element earth. With the power of the mountains and the relentlessness of the sheer rock it grinds the fortresses and houses of the humans, until only finely ground dust remains. Almost invulnerable, this walking millstone is a mighty ally in the foremost array of battle.
With the power of a XL unit, the Grinder is a proverbial tower of 4 orbs strength amidst the battle. Due to the Adamant ability of Stonekin, Grinder is quite difficult to kill, even after attracting multiple enemies. But due to it being half nature, it is also capable of healing. In the heat of the battle it can use its abilities to heal itself automatically. To do this, it relies on the strength of nearby allies - if more allies are close by, the stronger its regenerative abilities become.

People get the Promo Grinder to heal other Grinders (You can get 4 grinders with promo, which costs as much as buying 4x normal grinders, but already comes with max upgrades). This is relatively cheap for this giant power and health.

Abilities Edit

AbilityIcon Activatable Infused Infused Provoke

Affinity: Infused
Power: 115
Activate to taunt an enemy unit. The unit will be forced to only attack Grinder and cannot be controlled any more for 12 seconds. Grinder will additionally buff itself and do 50% more damage. Reusable every 30 seconds.

AbilityIcon Activatable Tainted Tainted Provoke

Affinity: Tainted
Power: 115
Activate to taunt an enemy unit. The targeted unit will then be forced to only attack Grinder and cannot be controlled any more for 12 seconds. It will additionally be weakened and deal 75% less damage. Reusable every 30 seconds.

AbilityIcon Passive Harmony

Every 15 seconds unit regenerates a certain amount of life points depending on how many friendly units are positioned within a 25m radius around it. It will restore 220 life points per every 1000 friendly life points around it, up to 2640 in total.

AbilityIcon Passive Adamant Skin

Takes 15% less damage

AbilityIcon Passive Siege

Does 100% more damage to structures.



Tank, Blocker, DPS and Sieger, rPvE

Counter ForEdit

Countered ByEdit

  • May be countered by other XL creatures if there are no allies nearby to activate the Grinder's heal
  • The Grinder, although very powerful, has no block of any sort other than damage aggainst spells, so it can still be frozen or paralyzed


Unstoppable Mayhem:

The idea of the combo is to have Grinders healing capability and damage resistance buffed up to the max, so they can take enormous amounts of beating without dying and be almost unstoppable destroyers of buildings and tanks.


  • 3-4 Grinders
  • Wheel of Gifts
  • Ward of The North
Arbiter Style!: 

You've heard Stonekin Arbiter if you haven't his a grinder type with Ice Shield ability its very cool if you try it against overpowered solo XL Enemy unit, you'll see him in some mission and pve. It's main strategy is for encounter overpowered XL unit, like Avatar of Frost and Lost Warlord.

  • ~1 fully or half upgraded grinder.
  • ~Fully or half upgraded Area Ice Shield.
  • ~Upgrade Ice Age that enchance and heal grinder.(You need to equip Area Ice Shield to grinder in order to work.)

A cheap and formidable Stonekin army:

Have you thought Stonekin was only for defense? Well that is true if you have 1 Grinder. Here is a combo to make Stonekin defensive and offensive.

  • 3-4 Grinders
  • 3-5 Aggressors
  • 3-4 Stone Warriors
  • 5-10 Stone Shards
  • 2 Rageflames

Extremely tough:

This combo is incredibly effective aggainst all units.

  • 3-4 Grinders
  • 2-5 Giant Wyrms
  • 2 Timeless One



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Upgrade Faction Scenario Difficulty Edit Link
Tainted Grinder I Stonekin Raven's End Standard [edit]
Tainted Grinder II Stonekin Raven's End Advanced [edit]
Tainted Grinder III Stonekin Raven's End Expert [edit]




Stonekin Empire Standard [edit]




Stonekin Empire Advanced [edit]




Stonekin Empire Expert [edit]
Card Upgrade Type or Ability Effect


Artwork Grinder

Infused Grinder with second upgrade


Grinder with 3rd upgrade

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