Furnace of Flesh
Furnace of Flesh-0
Basic Specifications
Type Building
Faction Shadow
Edition Twilight (1st)
Rarity Uncommon
Additional Info
Odds per Booster 1:30
Rarity-Desirability Value 04 RankBadge PvP Lvl05



Furnace of Flesh is a crucial card for Shadow players to hasten the movement of Void Power back to usable power. Placing near defensive battlefields is highly effective, but also on offensive battlefields, though construction delay is an issue as is enemy aggro. Anyone with a spare Shadow orb to spare also has many good reasons to incorporate it into their deck, as we shall see.
Furnace is especially helpful with Shadow's sacrificial and kamikaze side: True sacrifice cards only require a unit to be killed; the corpse is available for the Furnace or any other corpse-consuming unit. The Furnace can also defray the costs of losing one's own units when activating frenzy, on unstable creatures that lose life points, when using damage spells and abilities that do lethal damage to nearby friendly units, and it can be used to recover corpses of units sacrificed to Altar of Chaos, or with the Cultist Master.
Each upgrade returns an extra 1% (of HP as power) to the pool for a maximum of 5% of power returned when Furnace is fully upgraded.
The power returned cannot exceed 90% of that spent, because 10% is always lost.


AbilityIcon Passive Recycle

Gathers all corpses within a 25m radius in order to recycle them and take 2% of their former maximum life points from void power to return it into the power pool.

+ 1% each upgrade for a total of 5%


Artwork Furnace of Flesh


Counter ForEdit

Cultist Master

Countered ByEdit


Sacrificing an Overlord to the Altar (with 4000 life points costing 220 power), returns 80 power to power pool, thus sacrificing only 140 power to fill the Altar half-way. Each upgrade returns an extra 1%, or 40 power in this case, to the pool, thus 198 power (the return maxes out at the 90% of power cost that is not lost) returned when Furnace is fully upgraded. Thus, the sacrifice is only 22 power loss when using an upgraded Furnace, which is quite efficient, considering twice-upgraded Altar will deal 49,000 points, for only 120 power (plus an initial 250 power, the cost of the Altar itself).
  • Cultist Master creates a limitless source of usable corpses. A single, fully upgraded, Cultist Master is capable of generating over 4200 life points worth of corpses every minute through its special ability (Call Horrors). Furthermore, the corpses come with no attached power cost (aside from the cost of the cultist master itself).
  • Card:Decomposer
  • Shadow Mage
  • Lost Evocation
The power returned cannot exceed 90% of that spent, because 10% is always lost; sacrificing a Lost Evocation Revenant, for a cost of 150 power, 5% (U3) of 4100 life would be returned to the power pool: 205 power, but only 135 power return is possible.



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Upgrade Faction Scenario Difficulty Edit Link
Furnace of Flesh I Shadow Nightmare Shard Standard [edit]
Furnace of Flesh II Shadow Nightmare's End Advanced [edit]
Furnace of Flesh III Shadow Nightmare's End Expert [edit]
Card Upgrade Type or Ability Effect
Furnace of Flesh I Recycle +1%
Furnace of Flesh II Recycle +1%
Furnace of Flesh III Recycle +1%

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