Basic Specifications
Type Spell
Faction Nature
Edition Twilight (1st)
Rarity Ultra-Rare
Additional Info
Odds per Booster 1:120
Rarity-Desirability Value 20 RankBadge PvP Lvl21



This card is a very useful card. It allows you to have a very diverse deck, since once played, there are no orb requirements for the next card played. This card is one of the most sought after cards, and is ultra rare. It's only downside is the 270 power cost per use and a lengthy cool-down. May be combo with Shrine of Memory in order to summon the next card faster. Although this is a great card, this card's usefulness has gone down due to Amii Monument. This card is still useful for getting things like Batariel and Lost Warlord and Grinder and Dreadnought


AbilityIcon Spell Wish

Disable the card play requirements. One card played within the next 20 seconds will not require any orbs to be used. Reusable every 30 seconds.


This card can also be used to transform multiple 2nd era and 3rd era twilight creatures into 4th era twilight creatures, as it bypasses the orb requirements and transforming a creature does not count as playing a spell.


Artwork Enlightenment


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Upgrade Faction Scenario Difficulty Edit Link
Enlightenment I Nature Ascension Standard [edit]
Enlightenment II Nature Ascension Advanced [edit]
Enlightenment III Nature Ascension Expert [edit]
Card Upgrade Type or Ability Effect
Enlightenment I Power Cost -10
Enlightenment II Power Cost -10
Enlightenment III Power Cost -10

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