Comet Catcher
Comet Catcher-0
Basic Specifications
Type Building
Faction Fire
Edition Twilight (1st)
Rarity Rare
Additional Info
Odds per Booster 1:72
Rarity-Desirability Value 03 RankBadge PvP Lvl04



The Comet Catcher is Fire's ability for long-range bombardment at Era 4. When activated, the card can launch a powerful comet near any friendly unit that deals a significant amount of damage, and knocks back small, medium and large units. It can refire every 30 seconds.

It is a highly underestimated card which is capable of mass destruction. As seen in the solo walkthrough of Sunbridge (expert) by the player called Murvegg ( it is capable of wiping out many unit and buildings at the same time if only Skyelf Sage is added to it. Skyelf Sage adds 110% damage (on upgrade 3) to the building as long as it is bound to it and with the cost of 100 power it is quite the powerful tool to use.

Combining the Comet catcher and the Skyelf Sage gives a lot of fire power in the first place:

1 (base damage: when adding a percentage to an amount the multiplier has to start with 1 + x where x is the amount you add) + 110 (Skyelf Sage's damage bonus on upgrade 3) / 100 (this division is needed to convert percentage into a multiplier) = 2.1

Let's rewrite this here without annotations: 1+ 110 / 100 = 2.1

Now with this multiplier you can work out how much damage the Comet Catcher would do with Skyelf Sage bound to it. The damage of the buidling rises to an impressive amount:

2750 (on upgrade 3) * 2.1 = 5775 on a single target and 16500 * 2.1 = 34650 total.

As powerful as it may seem (since we are talking about a single comet catcher) it can be of course multiplied by however many you have. The cost of this combo is 350 (250 for comet catcher and 100 for Skyelf Sage) . For that price and power cost you could be practically spamming this combo.

However, Comet Catcher is a t4 fire building which requires 3 fire orbs and 1 neutral orb and Skyelf Sage requires 2 frost orbs and a single neutral orb. This means enlightenment or 5 orbs is a necessity (you can of course use Amii Monument as one of them or switch the orbs on it accordingly). I think Murvegg's deck is the best choice because you are capable of spawning the Skyelf Sage and you have access to enlightenment hence Comet Catcher.

If you like some risk you can always play like a "pro" as I call it and summon a Fallen Skyelf and cast Vision of Despair on a boss. This will mean it will take 200% MORE of the damage.

This way , the boss will take up to 17325 damage per comet.

The total damage does not however increase because Vision of Despair only works on a single target; the total damage stays as it was and because the maximum damage on target is 5775 you still get a nice and juicy 34650 on the other targets.

At this stage you cannot possibly say that the damage dealt by a 3 comet Catchers is not enough to take down any camp in the game and leave the boss severely wounded or dead, dead, dead... I assume that there are no big bosses on single player that are capable of withstanding 3 rageing comets rushing their way to create a nice little "poof". On bosses with more HP you get team mates to help you out so damage is still not a problem. Beware of Vision of Despair though for it can heal the boss if not timed correctly. Use it right before the comets arrive so that you don't miss the effect of it and heal the boss.

I hope you deem this useful; please feel free to contact me in the game.

IGN: Meitnerium

Edited by Undead4ever


AbilityIcon Activatable Fiery Comet

Activate to hurl a large comet that deals 2150 damage to enemies in a 25m radius around their target, up to 13000 in total. Has an extremely long range of 200m but can only fire into an area where at least one other friendly ground entity is positioned. Knocks back small, medium and large units. Has a 30 seconds cool-down after the weapon was built. Reusable every 30 seconds.




Countered ByEdit



  • The skyelf sage damage boost doesn't stack with Earthen Gift.
  • fallen skyelf's debuff doesn't stack with infused snapjaw's debuff.



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Upgrade Faction Scenario Difficulty Edit Link
Comet Catcher II Fire Guns of Lyr Advanced [edit]
Comet Catcher III Fire Guns of Lyr Expert [edit]
Comet Catcher I Fire Nightmare's End Standard [edit]
Card Upgrade Type or Ability Effect
Comet Catcher I Fiery commet 150 damage per target and 600 in total
Comet Catcher II Fiery commet 200 damage per target and 1400 in total
Comet Catcher III Fiery commet 250 damage per target and 1500 in total


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