Tainted Bloodhorn-0
Infused Bloodhorn-0
Basic Specifications
Type Creature
Faction Fire/Shadow
Edition Renegade (2nd)
Rarity Rare
Additional Info
Odds per Booster 1:72
Rarity-Desirability Value 00 RankBadge PvP Lvl03



The Bloodhorn is a creature native to the border between the Southern Wastes and the Red Desert. One of its principal enemies is the Juggernaut, so the Bloodhorn is used to a challenge. Stories tell of the earthshaking clashes that happen when these two creatures charge each other, locking into terrible combat. The Bloodhorn does not accept a master, unless it is a master even more wild and vicious as the Bloodhorn himself. So it is only natural that the only ones being able to ride the Bloodhorn are the female raiders of the wasteland bandits.
The Bloodhorn is a unit of XL size which specializes in attacking large targets. Not only can it trample its enemies in a wild stampede, its rider can put the Bloodhorn into a fierce rage. In this rage the Bloodhorn becomes a primal force of total destruction but due to the shadow roots of this ability, there is a price to be paid for this. The final ability that gives the Bloodhorn his name is its urge to devour the blood of its prey, healing itself with its strength.
The Tainted version doubles its damage with the blood ability. The Infused version rids itself of debuffs, including Ensnaring Roots and Damage over Time spells, but not Freeze Cards or Paralysis Cards, like Disenchant does.


AbilityIcon Infused Infused Purge

Affinity: Infused
Activate to rid Bloodhorn of all debuff but its own life points are immediately reduced by 1500. It will be immune against all major debuffs for 15 seconds afterwards. Cannot be used anymore once life points have been reduced below 1500. Reusable every 30 seconds.

AbilityIcon Tainted Tainted Enrage

Affinity: Tainted
Activate to put Bloodhorn in a murderous frenzy. The unit will deal 100% more damage for 15 seconds but its own life points are immediately reduced by 1500. Cannot be used anymore once life points habe been reduced below 1500. Reusable every 30 seconds.

AbilityIcon Activatable Stampede

Activate to rush toward the target dealing 200 damage to enemies along the way, up to 9000 in total. Usable every 30 seconds.

AbilityIcon Passive Life Stealer

15% of the damage dealt by the unit will be added to its life points.


Artwork Bloodhorn


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Tainted Enrage ability works multiplicative with Damage Boost Cards. Tainted Enrage (100% more damage) plus Unholy Hero (200% more damage). Base damage of Stampede** = 220, vs XL units = 330 (150% of base), with Tainted Enrage = 440 (200% of base), with Unholy Hero = 660 (300% of base), vs Sporelauncher (XL) with Tainted Enrage and Unholy Hero = 1980 (900% of base) = 220 * 150% * 200% * 300%



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Upgrades for both affinities have the same effect.

Upgrade Faction Scenario Difficulty Edit Link
Tainted Bloodhorn I Bandit Raven's End Standard [edit]
Tainted Bloodhorn II Bandit Raven's End Advanced [edit]
Tainted Bloodhorn III Bandit Raven's End Expert [edit]




Bandit Empire Standard [edit]




Bandit Empire Advanced [edit]




Bandit Empire Expert [edit]
Card Upgrade Type or Ability Effect
Bloodhorn I Damage +250
Bloodhorn I New ability +Stampede
Bloodhorn II Damage +350
Bloodhorn II Stampede* -20 Power Cost
Bloodhorn III Damage +500
Bloodhorn III Stampede** +20 Damage

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