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A BattleForge Building is a structure that players employ in combat and in achieving objectives for a match. Depending on the building type it can be used defensively, to support or even for offense. Power Wells and Orbs are considered Buildings, but Walls are not.

Building Cards Edit

Stone of Torment-0

The Stone of Torment, an Example of a BattleForge Building Card

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A building's vital statistics are shown in its corresponding Card. When individually selected, a building's current health can be seen underneath its portrait along with its attack power.

Unlike Creatures, Buildings don't count towards the Unit Limit and a player can build as many as his cards and resources allow.

Building TimeEdit

When a building card is played it will take some time to construct, during this time it will take double damage, and won't attack or use abilities. The amount of time needed to build a building is twice as long when not built next to a Power Well or a Monument. The standard construction time is 20 seconds.

see Rapid Construction.

Building Classes Edit

The Building Class indicates the Building's role in the game:

  • Tower - Building with attack capabilities
  • Shrine - Support structure, no attack capabilities
  • Hut - Support structure, no attack capabilities
  • Device - Support structure, no attack capabilities
  • Fortress - Strongest buildings, often with attack capability

Abilities Edit

Like creature cards buildings also have active and passive abilities.

See article: Abilities

Gameplay Edit

To create a Building, the player must select an available unit card and have the Power required to cast that card. Cards are also limited by the charge value. The remaining charges is indicated in the lower corner of the card in the Deck Bar.


Damaged buildings can be repaired at the cost of power. The number of life points repaired per second depends on the total life points of the building, and is only significant when the building is out of combat.

Building Card TablesEdit

The four tables below list building cards by number of required orbs. Within each table, the cards are grouped by their rarity.

One-Orb BuildingsEdit

Fire Frost Nature Shadow

Banner of Glory Ice Barrier Tunnel Decomposer
Banner of Glory-0 Ice Barrier-0 Tunnel-0 Decomposer-0
Fire Bomb Defense Tower Primal Defender Lifestealer
Fire Bomb-0 Defense Tower-0 Primal Defender-0 Lifestealer-0

Makeshift Tower Construction Hut Fountain of Rebirth Phase Tower
Makeshift Tower-0 Construction Hut-0 Fountain of Rebirth-0 Phase Tower-0

Mortar Tower Ice Shield Tower Mark of the Keeper Embalmer's Shrine
Mortar Tower-0 Ice Shield Tower-0 Mark of the Keeper-0 Embalmer's Shrine-0

Two-Orb BuildingsEdit

!Termite Hill !Juice Tank !Living Tower !Furnace of Flesh |- |Termite Hill-0 |Juice Tank-0 |Living Tower-0 |Furnace of Flesh-0 ! ! ! !Resource Booster |- | | | |Resource Booster-0

Fire Frost Nature Shadow

Morklay Trap Cannon Tower Breeding Grounds Stone of Torment
Morklay Trap-0 Cannon Tower-0 Breeding Grounds-0 Stone of Torment-0

Rallying Banner Kobold Laboratory Healing Well Portal Nexus
Rallying Banner-0 Kobold Laboratory-0 Healing Well-0 Portal Nexus-0

Rocket Tower Frost Crystal Shrine of Memory Shrine of Greed
Rocket Tower-0 Frost Crystal-0 Shrine of Memory-0 Shrine of Greed-0

Three-Orb BuildingsEdit

Fire Frost Nature Shadow

Tower of Flames Armored Tower Healing Gardens
Tower of Flames-0 Armored Tower-0 Healing Gardens-0

Shrine of War Shrine of Martyrs Wheel of Gifts Altar of Nihil
Shrine of War-0 Shrine of Martyrs-0 Wheel of Gifts-0 Altar of Nihil-0

Voodoo Shack Stronghold Mindweaver Church of Negation
Voodoo Shack-0 Stronghold-0 Mindweaver-0 Church of Negation-0

Four-Orb BuildingsEdit

Fire Frost Nature Shadow

Comet Catcher Worldbreaker Gun Lifestream Altar of Chaos
Comet Catcher-0 Worldbreaker Gun-0 Lifestream-0 Altar of Chaos-0
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