Patch Notes for BattleForge 1.0 Build 259677[edit | edit source]

Released on May 13th, 2009.

Map fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Blight - Fixed an issue on Blight where the Ravenheart wouldn\'t become hostile to the players - Ravenheart will become hostile in any case now
  • Blight - The Ravenheart disappers now correctly from the map
  • Mo – Removed a blocking issue that prevented the Banzai Birds from despawning correctly after they finished their flight.
  • Mo – When the player solves the "morale camp" with flying units before Mo has charged down the wall should no longer get the player trapped behind the wall.
  • Mo – Flying units advancing far over the walls will now triggers Mo\'s wall destroy events, regardless if he is in range of the wall or not
  • Mo – Fixed a blocking issue that could get large units trapped behind a power well
  • Mo – The quest markers for Mo and the Raven ships should now work correctly for the whole time
  • Mo – Respawn time of the attackers in expert mode has been reduced slightly.

Card fixes[edit | edit source]

  • The Ravenheart and the Raven Battleships should now have their proper artworks displayed in the detail view
  • Mo - Fixed Mo's special heal ability. The minimum heal amount will now be considered even if there is no allied unit nearby.
  • Ravenheart - Fixed missing text in unit's description
  • Mo - Wrong parameters in the description of Mo's Group Hug were fixed and the minimum heal amout of this ability was raised to 1000.
  • Cannon Tower - Added missing information about Knockback. The tower is able to knock back small units which wasn't mentioned before (only affects loca, no impact on performance)!

Other fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed crash on Mo map caused by a PvE unit special.
  • The deck level calculation also takes promo cards into account. Note: Decks need to get re-saved for an updated deck level.
  • Server status tooltip window is now always fully visible in the Bootstrapper. No need for window repositioning to read the text.
  • Translation of the server status tooltip window is now correctly updated if you switch the game's language in the login screen of the Bootstrapper
  • Fixed rare issue where auctions could get stuck meaning they would never finish.
  • Chronicle: Three more legends from our contest winners are in: Parasite Swarm, Mutating Frenzy, Defenders
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