Patch Notes for BattleForge 1.0 Build 258737Edit

Released on May 5th, 2009.


  • You will now be able to request/show a deck from/to another player. A window will open where you can have a look of the cards contained in the players current deck. Additionally deck name, deck level and the card-pool type (tutorial, general or limited deck) will be revealed.
  • New PvE campaign has been released, starting with the two maps Blight and Mo.
  • Improved auction mails. Auction mails do now contain information about the card being traded and about BattleForge Points when the auction is won, sold or outbid.

Player versus PlayerEdit

  • Map: Wazhai – a power well position was corrected so it can longer be claimed from the cliff in the northeast
  • Map: Uro – orb and power well positions have been adjusted to not be so prone to claiming from cliffs

Player versus EnvironmentEdit

  • Two new PvE maps released for new campaign: Blight and Mo