Battleforge contains S,M,L,XL and flying units (squads). Each of these squads can be blocked.
While the Blocking Tool blocks every squad except of the flying squads, you can block all the squads individually by using entities that contain blocking information for the squads.
You can access the Blocking Visualization Settings by the view menu at the top of the editors desktop, which will help you to keep the overview about the blocking in the map.

Blockin Visualization Settings

Blocking Visualization Settings

To turn on the visibility of the blocking, simply press on "View Blocking" and your map will look like the picture to the left.

By selecting and deselecting this flags you can set which blocking you will see.
You can choose between seeing the tempory or the permanent blocking.

Tempory blocking means every blocking entity that can be destroy, so with the right squads you can destroy the blocking objects so everyone can pass this area.

This area gives you an overview about the settings you made and what the blocking will show you.
In this case you see in yellow all the blocking informations for S or M or L or XL. So at least one of those squads won’t pass here before the blocking is destroyed.
In red you see that at least one S or M or L or XL units won’t pass this way for the entire playtime on this map.
Blockin Visualization Settings2

permanent and temporary blocking

Those are all of the setting you can use to get an overview about the blocking on the map. It may sound complicated at first but with some testing you will be able to manage it.


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