LoadingScreen Blight
Captain Blight

Title Captain
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Fire
Location Southern Wastes

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Moon: "These were once the men of Shane Blight. An infamous pirate, his squadron, the Ravens, where (sic) feared before the Twilight Wars. He was as powerful as any mortal king."

Moon: "Then Blight crossed paths with the White Juggernaut and lost an eye to the beast. Ever since then, he's hunted the White Juggernaut, consumed with the need for revenge."

Moon: "Blight's spent all his resources hunting the White one. It seems his men finally became tired of his quest for vengeance. Now he is a prisoner and his ship, the Ravenheart, held fast by magic."

Blight: "The chains are broken! At last, I'm free! Pathetic mutinous scum! Without me, you're nothing! Pull yourself together and fight! Full broadside! I fear neither god nor Skylord!"

Blight: "Thrice-cursed! The Ravenheart isn't exactly ship-shape...I can't die here! I must have my revenge! Storm and thunder, open your jaws! I will reassemble the Ravens and hunt down the White One! I have no time to play with you, Skylords!"''

Moon: "Blight has escaped. He will hunt the White Juggernaut, and will happily slaughter any who stand in his way. He must be stopped."

- Battle Forge, EA Games.

The tale of a ship's captain who seeks revenge on the giant creature with unusual white hide that injured him, his obsession to hunt it down increasingly taking over his normal seafaring affairs, is a tribute to Herman Melville's novel, Moby Dick.


Captain Blight was born in the sea on a ship folks used to call LightBringer for its beautiful golden shine. His father was the Captain of the ship. Shane was only two when a blazing comet fell from the skies and hit the LightBringer. Shane was the only one who survived. He woke up on and island in the middle of the sea and was raised by a strange woman. The boy learned how to fight and take on 30 men. He grew to become a wonderful young man.

One day, the boy dicided to set out and sail away to search for his parents. He got in a rowboat and set out, never to return to the island again. Fairly soon the boy was captured by pirates. They kept him in their ship and, for some reason, decided not to kill him. Maybe it was because the ship's captain liked the Shane - he saw his long-lost son in him. Shane grew on their ship and and helped them on their adventures. One day, the ship's captain died from a sickness. Before his death, he made Shane captain and nicknamed him "Shane Blight". From then on, Captain Blight and his shipmates, whom he called the Ravens, sailed the seas, only to meet a great white beast...

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